Monday Motivation - get your week moving

Loving Mondays lately as I get to organise myself for the week. My projects for this week? Ahhhh so many I better get a move on! Not just for fitness – I have "other" things to organise. I’m pretty excited about the launch event for the Volvo XC90 next week 4th of August and that means my time to choose an outfit and figure out what the heck to do with my hair is running out…

For me, driving around in that car has been all about style and fun and being active together as a family so I want to come up with a look that reflects all that. Any ideas? Here's some outfits I was playing with designer Carla at her Mode Voyage store in Kingscliff.

Dani Stevens Mode Voyage Kingscliff

To keep me focused on all the things I need to do this week – for work and family – Mondays are my day to get the week pumping so it all begins with a plan.

I find it a breeze once things are written down, so many apps out there and I'm exploring Trello at the moment to see how it ties in with our family. Once we know what we are meant to do on each busy day, I can plan the best lunches, snacks and dinners that fits in with everyone’s schedule – making sure we’re getting all the goodness we need to keep moving and still get everyone where they need to be on time. Gotta love time management and planning huh? Click on the links below to find similar recipes I plan on making this week.

I really need to get my food recipes in some order for you too to peruse and grab your dinner inspo for the week!

Monday - Vegetable frittata (here's a similar recipe I did)

Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolognese (I did a beef ragout for Valentines)

Wednesday - Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables (more chicken inspo recipes)

Thursday - Fish with rocket salad

Friday - Home made pizza's (check loads of inspo here)

I get my energy sorted by kicking off with some active fitness – if I’ve got time, I just love, love, love a long walk along the beach in the morning. And if I don’t? Well, a short walk is great too. I mix it up with some other little tricks along the way – some lunges in the sand are always great for toning.

Nothing beats moving your body especially when you have a wearable beeping at you. Are you using any technology to prompt your movement? I'm loving mine!

Always stay strong and you know you've got this! Here's my Monday motivation to keep you inspired!

Dani Stevens Monday Motivation diamonds


Have a sensational day!


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