Monday motivation and some pool blues

Hey there my beautiful peeps, how are you all? Fab, I hope. Not here, well yes we are but a little shattered with our pool news this afternoon. Fencing still being approved by building permit crew so the pool mob who scheduled us in for completion this week has now pushed our date forward to the New Year! Whatevs, we have our clam pool shells, you won't wreck our pool parties here!!! As shattering as our news was today, I've waited this long for the pool so whats another couple of months??? Like, especially over the hot sweltering heat, huh? Sob! sob!

On a more positive note, I have a few of you wanting to join this Xmas 25 per day squat challenge coming up on the 1st December. I am super excited to be bringing our 25 squats per day LIVE via Facebook and Instagram. Of course recapping here on my page. Please give me more feedback or if you are just happy with us posting our 25 squats per day. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram and use #Xmas25squats so I can follow you back as well.

For those of my Fit Yummy Mummy members and followers, I also look forward to our 21 day holiday hottie challenge which starts on the 3rd December. The extra squats is added incentive!

Breakfast Fruit and yogurt

Fit Yummy Mummy workout completed!!! Best to get it out of the way first in the morning so I can get on with my day! My muscle awareness has been fab and I really need to be consistent with my workouts again, so I am not looking in the reflection and wondering why my muffin top has some how appeared from no where! Seriously, you are what you eat and I was making some poor food choices combined with no exercise and there you have it!

PWOS Morning snack Mini corn and parsley pikelets

Mini corn pikelets 

I just whizzed milk, egg, some flour, 1/2 tin of corn, S&P, parsley and made these little golden beauties with some olive oil. Sorry for the no quantity amount but here is a recipe I found for you on Kidspot. Lunch Chicken salad (went to the hair dressers for a quick highlight session) this was the only option I had from the cafe next door. I typically go prepared but today wasn't one of those days!

Chicken salad

Afternoon snack 180 Nutrition coconut protein powder Dinner Turkey burgers with long beans, feta and olives. Side egg and tomato salad

Kids healthy meals

Here's me and my new hair do, what do you think? I don't typically like going too light but it's summer and it blends better when my lovely greys come through.

Dark blonde hair

Over and out until next time.

Xx Dani

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