Monday Meal Planner for the final week of school holidays!

It is official... we are past the half way mark through January! What a fab couple of weeks we have had! I started with the three day Urban Remedy cleanse and definitely got a boost of energy at the end of it! In the spirit of cleansing I am continuing the healthy meal planner and keeping it tasty and fun for all of us. With less than one week before school starts I am already feeling the sadness of not having the kids busy hands helping me out in the kitchen! They all set their little tasks to help make my easier and of course to ensure they add their own twists to our meals. I always encourage them to try new things so I find it is the best way by getting them involved in the kitchen. Well I actually can't keep them out ha ha ha.. no complaints here!

Here's this week's meal planner from us to you!

Breakfast   Multigrain flakes with banana, sprinkled chia seeds and fresh coconut


Snacks Frogurts

Lunch Fully Raw Garden Salad

Dinner Beef Bacon Burgers


Breakfast Green smoothies

Snacks Chocolate Brownies

Lunch Oscar’s Tuna and Avocado Sushi

Dinner Aduki, pumpkin & tamarind curry



Breakfast Toasted Sandwiches

Snacks  Carrot juice

Lunch Hawaiin Scrolls


Dinner Dani’s Chicken Chilli Con


Breakfast All-Bran breakfast apple and walnut muffins

Snacks Yogurt cranberry bark

Lunch   Superfood Balls


Dinner Grilled chicken with rocket & tomato salad


Breakfast  Raw Raspberry Smoothie

Snacks Latte & Apple Bar


Lunch Kemi’s Mexican Super Bowl with Dani Steven’s

Dinner Grilled Salmon with Vegetable Quinoa

I truly hope you have an amazing week of fun, love and yummy foods. Keep active, stay cool and soak in some Vitamin D.

And of course remember to ALWAYS cook with LOVE!  It's the best way.

Xx Dani

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