Monday Meal Planner, do you need one?

Jeepers, things have been a little outta control at The Stevens household. From flying in and out of Sydney twice in the last 2 weeks to my mum arriving from Serbia (after taking care of my Baba) she's been trying to enjoy the beautiful sunshine but things have just been go! Go! Go! My poor mum has lost her cooking mojo and doesn't know what to cook when I am away. Especially if I haven't had a chance to meal prep when I have to jet, set and go! So I got thinking, instead of grabbing cook books and inspo on Google for our meal planner board (so mum has things under control when I miss our meal preps) EVERYTHING is on here!!!!

I hope my meal planner this week helps your family out too!


Breakfast Green Smoothie

Snacks Carrot cranberry cake

Lunch Chickpea vegetable salad

Dinner Healthy salad to serve with any grilled meat or fish

FullSizeRender salad


Breakfast Fruit salad bowl

Fruit salad by Dani Stevens

Snacks Chocolate muffins

Lunch Cauliflower quiche

Dinner Chicken nuggets


Breakfast Banana fruit wholemeal cereal

Snacks handful of macadamia nuts and a piece of fruit

Lunch French toast with mushrooms

image4 wgg

Dinner Minestrone soup


Breakfast Spinach egg wraps

Snacks Tappas plate

Lunch Fully raw salad

Dinner Home made Fish and Chips

image3 patties


Breakfast Green Berry Smoothie

Snacks Tzaziki dip with vegetables and crackers

Lunch Steamed veggies with legumes

Dinner Silverbeet and coconut chicken


Would a meal planner save your family in case the main chef or cook went offline for a little while?

"Food is essential to life, therefore make it good"


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