A Monday Meal Planner that is super FUN!

We're here!!! Have you been following our adventure?  It is PHENOMENAL!  I don't want to leave... but who ever does!! I have prepared a FAB menu for you this week.  I have incorporated all the colours of the rainbows and some funky textures I know you will love!  I would love to know which ones are your favourite? I think it is so important to mix it all up as not only does it make it super fun, it keeps the kiddies intrigued and always want MORE!!


Breakfast Egg muffins with spinach, tomato & feta

Snacks Rainbow fruit salad

Lunch Grilled flat head fish with avocado and grated beetroot salad

Dinner Broccolini with BBQ chicken skewers



Breakfast Quinoa smoothie with banana and raspberries

Snacks Polenta and feta grilled with hummus and sun-dried tomatoes

snack+sept+polents Lunch Grilled capsicums with cottage cheese and chick pea salad

Dinner Mini beef hamburgers with corn on the cob and roasted carrot fries


Breakfast Antioxidant berry porridge

Snacks Fruit salad, crackers and dip with tuna tomato and cream cheese

Lunch Zucchini (courgette) ribbons with vegetable bolognese sauce

bol+zuc Dinner Mexican beef taco’s in cos salad shells


Breakfast Raspberry Coconut Delight

challenge smoothie Snacks Apple and carrot muffins

Lunch Fritatta sausage pizza

Dinner Fish and chips with a twist!!! Served with tomato, asparagus & feta salad


Breakfast Protein pancakes with ricotta cheese

bfast pikelets nov

Snacks Strawberry & Orange Muffin

Lunch Chicken burger salad with hummus

Dinner Prawn salad with tartar sauce

Happy cooking and don't forget to stay organised and prep in advance!  Definitely takes the pressure off and you know what it leaves time for.... you guessed it.... SQUATS!!! #XMAS25SQUATS.  You know how I LOVE to remind you!

Be sure to catch me and my fam over on Instagram and Facebook where I promise to share all the good times! It is all about the sunshine, water and of course LOVE when one is sailing!

Xx Dani

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