Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top…Again!

Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top…Again!

By Holly Rigsby on Sep 22, 2012
photo 38 Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again! Muffin Topless ….Again!
I Got My Body Back After 3 Babies In A Row!
It’s true – I have managed to get my body back within 12 months of having a baby, each and every time without fail, that is once I discovered Fit Yummy Mummy and ClubFYM after having my second baby.
I get asked by many women “do you think I’ll ever get my body back” OR “maybe I should just give up and accept my post baby body is what it is!”.

After having 4 babies I have been able to demonstrate how successful the FYM system works. Fit Yummy Mummy is not a yo yo fad diet system. That discipline and consistency pays off. I am here to show them they do not need to give up. This works! But I too, had to start from square one.

This is me in 2006…. I thought I was content with my life and weighing over 90kgs AKA 200lbs with the unhealthy food choices with no exercise regime in my life whatsoever….
dani+fat+pics Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again!

Until I wanted my sexy back or rather my post baby body back! That’s when I found the Fit Yummy Mummy system and it changed MY life and my families FOREVER. I have been a member of ClubFYM since the birth of my second son Oscar in 2007. I have 2+2 kids Noah turned 7 in August, Oscar will be 5 in November, Mietta will be 3 in October and my baby girl Zali just turned 1 in August. So I’ve been one busy Mum planning all these birthdays as well as staying on top of my own personal fitness. FYM has been a fantastic fitness regime in my life. Combined with clean eating I am feeling fabulous, full of energy and just feel fantastic in general. It’s amazing how body image plays with your confidence.

The Workouts

I have followed a combination of the Fit Yummy Mummy ebook, Transformation Kit and the 15 minute Workouts of the Month Follow Along Videos posted at 

The workouts are sensational. They are quick and really challenged me!
My Fitness Goals Eat clean 90% of the time Do a 2 week no sugar challenge Lose the fluffy look To increase my weights Improve core strength exercises and resurface my abs Tone and Lift
My Results
(Photo 1 Pregnant with Baby #4 at 40 Weeks Photo 2 Results August 2012)
Starting Stats 10 Days Post Baby #Four Height 5’11″ Weight 78kgs – 170lbs muffin top 94 cms – 37 inches Body fat 28%
Current Results August 2012 Height 5’11″ Weight: 64KGS ~ 141lb Waist: 77CM ~ 30″ Hips: 92CM ~ 36″ Muffin top: 84CM ~ 33″ Body Fat: 17%
Total Results: Removed 29 pounds of baby fat and melted 4 Inches off Muffin Top
Bye Bye Muffin Top ~ Flat Abs Are Made In The Kitchen
Clean Eating is key to melting the muffin top and enjoying flat tummy resultsI plan our meals and snacks as much as possible. We have all become examples of clean living to all our family and friends. I have also mastered a lot of my cooking due to FYM as I pride myself on presentation to appeal to our entire family. I have DARED myself and learnt to make things from scratch eg: yogurt, almond butter & milk, dips, GF bread etc...
snack+fruit+parfait Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again!I get inspired by my family’s faces and compliments as I present them with their meals every day, searching my left over ingredients to find a new recipe to cook every day and trying to perfect our “clean eating” habits.
We just cut up some kiwi & strawberry for the bottom layer, added yogurt, then frozen berries with walnuts, topped with yogurt. Kids had honey drizzled onto, I added a mint leaf. Experiencing this transformation has been a win win for our entire family!
dani+stretch+zali Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again!
It has definitely given me a new outlook on life, a greater purpose if you like. Now that I have conquered my biggest physical challenges and repeated the process after my fourth child, I feel that anything is possible. That’s the greatest gift that FYM can give any potential yummy mummy, a greater sense of accomplishment, self worth and an unquenchable desire to not only better your own life, but those around you as well.
"Thank you Holly for a wonderful program that is truly inspirational.”


Dani Stevens, Age 38, Mom of Four (ages 7-1) Australia, Victoria
The Ladies at ClubFYM and I are here to help YOU achieve your Best Body Yet!
Your Friend and Fit Yummy Mummy Coach,
Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again!
 Are you doing this?
 Mom of Four Melts Muffin Top...Again!
Supportive people will be such a blessing to you, and really can help you to maintain your motivation for lifestyle change. Spending time with like-minded friends can also give you the strength and confidence to deal with people who are spiteful of your success. And, it’s always good to have others around you who understand and can relate to what you’re going through.
Don’t forget ->  if you are ever in need of an uplifting and positive support system; the members of and myself are here to personally cheer you on.
Helping others be successful is one of the most rewarding aspects of our online community.
The new monthly workout videos, meal planning tips, recipe forums and transformation challenges are just nice added perks ; ) We get that making changes to your lifestyle is difficult and that no one should have to do it alone.

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