Mini squats challenge - 1000 squats in 5 days

How are you going?

Just a quick post to let you know my legs feel like jelly and sore?!!! Doesn't even come close. Day 4 today so I have 200 scheduled today.

It's great leg awareness. I have been a little slack with my exercise regime, nevertheless I am still breaking up my squats throughout the day 25 reps whilst brushing my teeth, 25 reps while I am folding our washing etc... You can fit in fitness wherever as long as you make the time.

Dani Stevens drop it like a squat

Instructions for "good-form" squats

1. Stand up straight with your feet firmly planted on the ground approximately shoulder width apart. To help maintain a straight back as you perform the exercise, it's a good idea to focus on an object directly ahead of you at eye level.
2. Contract your abdominal muscles as you bend your legs at the knees. Either stretch your arms out ahead of you, lightly position your hands behind your ears or hold your arms at your side as you slowly lower yourself into a squatting position. Lower your body to a position where your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat.
Important: Proper technique is critical, otherwise serious injuries or gradual injury over a period of time can occur. The back must maintain its natural curvature and not "round out" otherwise excess strain can be placed on the spine and cause serious injury.
Also, to avoid undue stress on the knee joint, do not allow your buttocks to drop lower than your knees as you lower your body towards the ground.

Dani Stevens no more excuses
Last night on Instagram I posted the above quote. I always find some excuse not to do something. I mentioned I was going to pull the pin with the 200 squats but with everyone cheering me along, I couldn't let you down. You ALL inspire me so much!! Thank you.
Who inspires you?
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