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What is Mayday I hear you ask? It's an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. This was the voice in my head earlier this weekend. How quick did April fly by? I can't wait to share last months #whatmovesyou challenge and my free "365 Motivational Quotes" gift that will kick start whatever you have planned everyday. A BIG thank you to my Microsoft partners for helping me #WorkWonders as we used Office365 to get all your quotes via Outlook and we are currently placing them in a PowerPoint slide show to gift to you in our next DMag.

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Just when I think I have nailed it, I slip up and fall behind. It must be the whole moving interstate thing, living outta boxes and just enjoying the great outdoors and following no particular routine. My nutrition and food choices have been real B A D lately and also with my recent lower back injury, I have had to take things slow with my workouts..... so I am feeling a little soft.

What does "soft" mean? To me soft means "my lack of regular training or workouts" have made my muscles soft and no longer toned like I used to be. I have been trying to focus on more of my core strength and really getting back to basics with my pelvic floor (read more about strengthening that region here.) However I have dropped the ball with my regular "me time" along with movement.

So this month I am saying;




Junk Food




Bad habits (they always seem to creep in!)



Giving up


Self Doubt

I can keep going you know, but have any of the above resonated with you? So many times I say I can indulge from time to time but I seem to have this condition where I have no limits and just get on that roller coaster of eating junk food. Yep! Me! Your Fitness Food Motivator can spiral uncontrollably when there is chocolate, chips or even if they are cashews! I just can't seem to stop at a handful, I eat the entire packet (well not really but you get the drift, too many cashews is not so good either.)

I just keep eating, eating and EATING!

So NO MORE! It's gotta stop. Who's with me? Regardless of where you are at with your life, let it be fitness or food, family, career, love life etc... let's get on the NO MORE bandwagon.

I'll be sharing my daily meal planner and movement I am doing in the month of May so feel free to join me and use the #MayDay hashtag so I can see what's happening in your day.

Today I have planned;


Green Smoothie (download loads of ideas from my free ebook here)

Morning snack

Apple and handful of almonds (avoiding cashews atm as I can't stop eating them)


Tuna salad

Afternoon snack

Yogurt with fruit


Grilled salmon with a raw salad

Movement this week is all dependant on how my back is going, meeting my new Physio and doing an exercise assessment so I will share that video here.

See you over in Instagram in the meantime!

Happy Wednesday.


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