March Push Ups and Eat Your Greens Challenge

Another month. Another new challenge. I love it! Let’s go! The March Push-ups and Greens Challenge #pushupsandgreens is OUT NOW!

Here's the plan.

Eat your greens and three times a day, you’re going to fit some push- ups into your busy life. You can do it!

To make it realistic and practical for you, it’s as simple as this.




10 at breakfast. 10 at lunchtime. 10 at dinner.

You can do it if you’re a student.

You can do it if you’re a mum at home with little children. You can do it if you’re at work. Trust me – you can. While the kettle’s boiling – do 10.

Or, while the toast is cooking – do 10.

Or – even better – do a quick 10 while you’re waiting for that breakfast smoothie you’re making to blitz in the blender (make sure it’s packed with vitamin-packed ingredients, of course – some frozen berries and frozen banana, a splash of coconut water and a handful of good-for-you kale or spinach to add some leafy green goodness to your morning fruit).

At lunchtime, do 10 while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. Or do 10 while your leftovers are heating up in the microwave. Then, at dinner – do 10 while you’re waiting for those green veggies to steam.

Or do 10 in between dishing a delicious healthy dinner on to plates for your family.

You can do it! We did it before the kids went to school.



Not everyone is used to doing push-ups.

Sure, there are some people that may be brilliant and can drop for 50 without raising too much of a sweat. But then there is the rest of us! I was hopeless when I started out trying to keep fit and, if you know my style, you know I am all about the power of small steps taking you on a big fitness journey.

It’s the same for your attitude to push-ups. Even little bursts of them will make a real difference and March is your month to be challenged.

What are you waiting for?

Here’s how it works:

Find the push-up style that suits your level of fitness for now (we’ll be working on that and you WILL get fitter but what’s most important for now is simply that you get moving so if a push-up for you translates to a mini-version of the push-up on your knees – that’s fine!).

The main message here? Just do it – really!

You might start with the easier version – perhaps just doing yours against your kitchen bench in between doing the dishes or putting the shopping away (lots of fruit and green leafy vegetables, of course – right?!) As March keeps moving, though, your aim is to keep challenging yourself and make it a little bit tougher each day – making the incline a bit more serious and the way you hold your upper body in and out of each push-up that little bit more controlled and slow for a truly powerful push-up experience.

Guidelines and FAQ’s

  1. What is a push up?

Try checking out push-up styles on YouTube. Find the one that works for you and takes you just that bit out of your comfort zone.

  1. Can I do different styles/variation of push-ups?

Mixing it up can be a good thing. Try different techniques and you’ll keep your work-out interesting and effective.

  1. What if I want to do less push ups?

This challenge is about helping you build strength and endurance. Start at your own pace and increase your number each time you do your push-ups. Start with the aim to do 10 at each key time of day.

  1. What if I want to increase my push-ups?

Absolutely! The more you do, the stronger and fitter you’ll become. Try challenging yourself by adding 5 at each time, each day.

  1. Can I do push-ups 3 days in a row?

Over training a specific set of muscles can sometimes lead to risk of injury. It’s all about technique. The idea of this challenge is to do the same exercise each and every day for the month of March. Make sure you focus on your push-ups and listen to your body. Come out of the session with some stretches and pay attention to the way your body feels. If you’re sore, it’s smart to speak to a health professional.

  1. Will I lose weight doing this 4 week push-up program?

This is about helping you create some muscle definition. It’s not about weight loss. The most effective way to lose body fat is with healthy eating and focused exercise – over all areas of your muscle groups. When it comes to effective weight loss, it’s all about consistent effort. It really does get results.

Share your March challenge using our #pushupsandgreens hashtag as I would love to see your own push-ups and greens recipes. Here’s my green eggs concoction with goats cheese. Simple and delicious.


Are you ready? Let’s move! xxDani Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator

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