Magical Monday with Mietta

Today is all about our princess Mietta. It’s her 5th Birthday today. Whoosh! For those that have been following me for the last couple of years, you may recall her x3 tinned “mini” chocolate cakes for her 3rd birthday & a watermelon Unicorn cake for her 4th Birthday. This year Adrian took the pressure off me and grabbed a beautiful Strawberry Sponge cake. Mietta LOVES strawberries. Mietta's Frozen Cake

About Mietta

She is 5 years old. Her favourite colour is purple. She loves blowing raspberry kisses and especially receiving them. She sleeps with her favourite Unicorn and Little Pony. Counts to ten and says I love you in Serbo-Croatian. Loves the fact she has a younger sister and can play Frozen (she of course is Elsa). She loves her SLEEP, and is the only one that asks to go bed when it’s a late movie night. Loves her food and is one of the quickest eaters. Oscar is the King. Is gentle and usually patient with her baby sister and brothers. Can get quite upset when she “sometimes” doesn’t get her way. In the unlikely event she is accused of doing something – we have a water works show. She has the cutest dimples.

MIetta dimples Dani Stevens

Tries to do the RIGHT thing and likes to make right decisions. Loves raw food and asks me to pack her carrots, red capsicum etc… in her lunch box. Her hair is getting super long, it’s half way to her bottom. Loves the movie Frozen and anything to do with unicorns, rainbows and is a very girly girl. She can write her name in both upper and lower case. Likes to play Temple Run on her mini IPad. Is super talented like her older brother Noah, she’s an exceptional illustrator.

Mietta's Frozen Drawing

Always loves to surprise me when she tidies her bedroom or any areas of our home. Is shy initially, but will open up in time. Notoriously quiet around other adults, until she feels comfortable. Loves my healthy meals and will try anything new I prepare. So softly spoken I have to ask her to repeat a lot of things she says to me. Always tries something new and loves playing with her brothers outside. Is very proud she rides her bike without training wheels (around a 6km lake).

Miettas bike

Is called ‘Jubby’ by most family members. Has the BEST smile.

Mietta birthday Dani Stevens

Happy birthday to our darling Mietta, we love you so very much. Love Mum, Dad, Noah, Oscar & Zali xx

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