Let's STEP it up in September!

WOO HOO!!!! Spring is just around the corner and it's that time again to get another monthly challenge off the ground! This also includes all you wonderful folk in the northern atmosphere, stay tuned as I have some awesome prizes coming your way to boost and motivate you to move your body everyday.

The only thing you will need are your legs, an app or your phone that counts your steps daily. A typical office worker steps around 3,000 so lets find ways to increase our movement throughout our day.

10,000 steps is the recommended daily minimum for a healthy active person!

So that's all we have to do this month - 10,000 steps per day. Do you think you can do it? Don't fear.... if you don't get a chance to walk all of your steps, here's some step amounts that add to your 10,000 per day;
Tennis - 4,987
Yoga - 4,060
Gardening - 1,000
Basketball - 5,106
Pilates - 4,160
Soccer - 5,960
Golfing - 4,985
Zumba - 6,825
Frisbee - 4,985
Cricket - 4,960
Surfing 5,118

There's also an amazing charity called STEPTEMBER I thought we could also support as every dollar donated goes towards people with cerebral palsy - a condition that affects movement. So let's make a difference in someone's life while we get fit for a great cause. JOIN TEAM DANI TODAY.

Share how you are stepping things up this month and tag your photos to #teamdani and #steptember as I would love to feature you! PLUS register now to keep in the loop for giveaways this month. There will be an awesome giveaway from my beautiful friends at Organic Burst!

Organic Burst bundle

Organic Burst Dani Stevens giveaway

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Have a great day!

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