When was the last time you played a game?

Today was amazing, as you know finding creative ways to keep 4 kids under 9 years of age can be pretty challenging. Never fear Mama Dani is here to keep their little bodies moving but I have to thank these little guys for coming up with today's activities....

Kids fitness Dani Stevens


We have a large backyard with a forte, trampoline and we were climbing, jumping, running around the house, kicking and throwing air punches because today we were pretending to be thieves. Good thieves of course! Like the Robin Hood kind with a slight ninja influence.

So my question to you is, when was the last time you played a game? Life gets so busy and hectic that as adults we have stopped playing games. We have stopped running around, chasing each other, jumping, rolling, just playing tennis or shooting some hoops at our local courts. Why? Just because we are all grown up doesn't mean we can't play games anymore. It boosts our productivity and happiness so why wouldn't we want to do that? I'm loving Parkour and this amazing video with sensational founder David Belle and the remarkable Timothy Shieff!!


This is my ultimate tip for family and marital happiness. If you need to rekindle your relationships and explore other forms of emotional intimacy with your partner, more fun and good times with your kids and friends, I highly recommend to get out there and play a game together. Have fun!

Take a few minutes to remember what you loved playing as a kid. What excited you? Did you like playing with others, alone or both? How can you recreate that today? Playing with kids is magical, never ever under estimate the power of playing games. It seriously benefits you and others. Hey! If you don't have kids, you can borrow one or all four of ours.

“Play is the purest expression of love.”

What do you think?



Fruit platters, we have loads of pomegrantes, mango's and kiwi so we were having a party this morning! Dollop of Natural Greek yogurt (we love Chris's) and sprinkled cacao nibs


Toasted wholemeal wraps with ham and cheese

2 slices of watermelon


Chinese bok choy and beef noodles

Dani Stevens healthy dinner

Snacks throughout the day

Smoothies and vegetable sticks

Happy hump day and see you tomorrow or catch all the action on my Instagram today.


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