Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, gosh you can be harsh!

We were on the go this morning and when I mean on the go, like 30 minutes to get out of the door from pj mode to showered, dressed and fully fed! Well we did it in 45 minutes.... and amazingly turned up to our wonderful and sunny Lake Wendouree in Ballarat for our 6km walk....

Let me tell you though, looks can be deceiving. When we arrived it was a beautiful sunny Spring morning, but the weather turned on us so we decided to go to a cafe for some morning tea until the rain settled. Little did we know the worst was yet to come.... Let's just say, I was walking like a babushka with my scarf wrapped around my was that icy cold and wet that we walked our a double s's off!!! Only to arrive back to our cars with this beautiful sunshine. Oh well. We walked the lake at least!

Day of rest (if you'd like to call it that after our walk this morning!)

Green smoothie

Morning snack
Egg and bacon bagel

Grilled flat head fish with avocado and grated beetroot salad

Afternoon snack
Mountain oat flat bread chips with home made guacamole, feta and basil dips

These are super quick and real fun to do with the kids. While the flat bread is getting toasted (I do this in my non stick fry pan) we blend the feta, basil, neufchâtel cheese (or you can use philadelphia), chia seeds, add salt and pepper to taste. For the guacamole dip, we just mashed it up with a fork, squeezed lemon juice added S&P and kids just said "Yep, it's done Mum". Normally sour cream or some form of cheese used to go into this but it was all good today!

BBQ lamb cutlets with chicken mini burgers served with salad

So sorry for the quick post. We're off to watch Noah's first Year One Concert and I'm kinda excited for him! See you tomorrow and as per usual, I will update my recipes here and then post under the food tab.

Oh yes and of course the cocoa oatmeal cake I ate at midnight....I'll provide the steps to that here as well ASAP! Promise!

Xx Dani


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