Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

Yep! You heard that right baby! Lack of sleep leads to weight gain. I should know, I remember when I was breastfeeding and all those interrupted nights left me famished throughout the day which lead me to eat anything in sight! That extra 30kgs I was carrying wasn't all the milk I was producing! ha ha

It's been so cool learning so much about sleep since setting my August Sleep Challenge – and I want to share it with you.

Extensive studies have shown that less than seven hours sleep at night is not enough to sustain health and safety in adults. You actually need more than 7 hours for the best care of your body (and mind).

And if you’re younger, or if you’ve got teenagers in your house, you need to look at 9-hours plus for the best possible healthy sleep.

Yeah. Might be time to invest in a new quilt and squishy pillows to motivate you to stay snuggled for that bit longer. Or why not register for some cool slumber gifts I am giving away this month, for the highest peeps that have banked their Zzzz's in the month of August. I've got 39 hours banked up so far! Are you beating me?

Chronic under-sleepers are at risk of doing all kinds of bad things to their bodies – with lack of sleep directly linked to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Those early morning cups of tea or coffee that give you that caffeine boost might make you feel like you’re ready to face the day but the truth is that caffeine only masks fatigue. It does NOT save you from the dangers of missing your good night’s sleep.

So, if you have your eye on a long, healthy life, my best advice is to get a long, healthy sleep.

Use strategies to help you calm down after your busy day – herbal teas, a warm bath, some drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow are all great ways to help your body tune in to a restful state.


If you’re the parent of little ones, try putting some lavender drops in their pre-bed bath, and aim to have the water at body termperature for the ultimate relaxation wind-down.

Healthy sleep means healthy you.

And if you’re trying to shift a few unwanted kilos, there’s no point investing time and energy into other weight loss techniques if you are under-sleeping. Poor sleep actually adds to weight gain.

Making your bed a real sanctuary is a lovely way to motivate you to spend more time there. If your sheets haven’t been updated for a while, why not treat yourself to a brand new set. Invest in some great quality material that feels amazing against your skin and you’ll be happy to spend more time in that bed of yours.

Sleep challenge Pinterest inspo


Dear sleep,

I know we had problems

When I was younger

But I love you now....

Until tomorrow! Prepare at least one hour before bed and try and switch off, turn off your tv, place your phone away from your bedside table and really try to enjoy that stillness. I dare you. Leave me your sleep count below....

Sleep well.


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