Kids Salad Lunches plus a $500 Restaurant Giveaway

I love it when our kids make their own lunches. I am one of the lucky ones where by Noah, Oscar and Mietta like to create their salads, head to our 2nd drawer in the fridge and choose whatever combo they like for their lunch! Many people ask me how I get our kids to eat salads. Simple. I eat salads. Monkey see, monkey do, right? When I started my healthy journey a few years ago, I remember the kids picking my food and not eating theirs. So slowly they started to eat the foods I eat and today, I am one fortunate Mama of 4 kids that enjoy choosing healthy food options.

My tips to getting kids to eat salads (fully raw fruit and vegetables)


- let them wash and prep the food with you

- store and cut the vegetable in bite sizes

- make fun faces or food art

- educate and tell them how amazing fruit and vegetables are for their growing bodies

- have plenty of variety so each child can choose whatever vegetables they like

- dressings are key, having more options gives you more to experiment with

The beauty of my collaboration with Praise is that we have 3 Zero dressing options which are simply perfect for our little tastebuds.

Noah loves his Italian herbs and the roasted capsicum was a hit!

Dani Stevens kids healthy salads

They love taking their little salad dressing tubs and pouring it fresh on their salads at school.

Noah's salad consisted of;



Feta Cheese

Praise kids healthy salads

Oscar loves anything balsamic, in fact give him some olive oil and he will dip bread in this combo until the cows come home! So he has gone for the Praise Zero Balsamic & herbs dressing.

Praise Zero Balsamic Salad Dressing

Here's what Oscar grabbed from the fridge;

Baby Kale



Feta Cheese

Zero Praise Balsamic Dressing

Mietta loves anything French, so she instantly chose her favourite classic Praise Zero French with roasted garlic dressing.

Praise Zero French Dressing

Mietta's salad choices were;




Feta Cheese

Praise Zero French Dressing

Now I know you love a good salad, so go on! Grab a camera and take a picture of yours. Praise has given me $500 to choose one lucky #teamdani winner a restaurant voucher to take your family and friends out for dinner. Simply use the #zerosaladsds and post as many pictures as you like on Instagram and Facebook, competition ends 24th November. Alternatively enter below.

We have been having so much fun with these various flavours, so practical and convenient. Especially with the warmer weather, our kids are loving their salads for lunch.

What's your favourite dressing?


Praise Zero Dressing


Praise Competition

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