Kids creative space and choosing the right style

I don't know about your place but mine desperately needs a revamp of organised space. With 6 bodies in this house things get thrown from here to there and nothing gets put back in it's place. I guess because nothing really has it's place and isn't organised.

All this is coming to an end shortly when we convert our "Zebra Room" (which is just a painting that hangs in our lounge room) into the kids creative space. I figure, what's the use of having our formal lounge or the good room when we have so many kids that need their own space. So goodbye "zebra room" and hello "kids creative room".

Here's some room inspirations from my Pinterest board Kids Creative Room that I am getting ideas and hopefully pull something off that works for our 4 little munchkins. Watch this space.

How organised is your home?

Leave me some of your home storage tips and how you stay on top of things. For more of my kids creative room ideas and source pics above, you can find them here.


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