Kids Adventure Festival at Mt Baw Baw was amazing!

You know how we're an outdoor family, well when we got an invite to the Kids Adventure Festival in Mt Baw Baw our kids already had their bags packed before I could say "Who wants to go to....."
Ahhhh…. Mt Baw Baw a beautiful 3hr drive from Melbourne and how lucky we are to be so close to an Alpine region. This place brings back so many wonderful memories for me as my Godparents used to own the Noojee trout farm. As a little kid we would go up to the mountain, I had the best times exploring. So I wanted to share my fond childhood memories with our children and of course get them to experience it first hand. Mind you my husband had never visited this region before, so we are excited with our road trip.
Mount Baw Baw

The weekend was jam packed with so many activities designed, especially for the kids. How great it was to let your child run wild…..from abseiling to a little tough guy/girl challenge,  indigenous painting, mountain biking and much much more!!!! Click here to view all the activities.
Without boring you with my words, I'll share our experience with pictures as they truly do say a thousand words!
Breath taking bush walks

Reptile handling (my two little heroes, Mietta and Zali)

My hubby doesn't like spiders, snakes or sharks so he declined. I was totally overwhelmed at how relaxed Mietta and Zali were handling the pythons. They truly are my inspirations and the reason behind giving me the strength to break one of my biggest fears EVER. After I held the python Noah and Oscar wanted to face their own fears too. WOWZA!!! Our heart rates were beating in overdrive!
"Take every chance and drop every fear!"
Snakes. The very things that haunt and paralyse me if I ever get near one. We all have fears and this amazing weekend allowed me to conquer one of my greatest fears of ALL TIME!!!!

Indigenuous artwork & face painting 

I even gave the volunteers a helping hand as the kids were lined up for miles for this favourite activity!!! 

Little tough guy/girl challenge  
Mark Collard - Adventure based educator 

The amazing Mark Collard giving the kids a little skill tester prior to the obstacle course. Mark is one of Australia's most experienced and qualified play & adventure-based educators and another great man we met over the weekend. 


You know me and my love of food. I have to share the amazing cuisine served infront of the picturesque LaTrobe Valley. So many delicious meals to choose from and the kids meals were amazing too!

Camp site 

Depending on your preference you can either camp overnight or stay in the chalets. Either way. Such an awesome getaway. 

Mountain bike race

Bungee trampoline 

We also got a chance to meet an adventurer! Our kids were totally besotted. Cass is no ordinary adventurer. Noah and Oscar like to call him the snowman AKA polar bear adventurer! Cas and Jonesy are in the books of Antarctic history!!! Becoming the first team to travel unaided to the South Pole and back, surviving three months of extreme hardship.
James Castrission with his biggest fans

His talk on the Saturday night was one of the many highlights during the event. James Castrission (Cas) is the ambassador for the inaugural Kids’ Adventure Festival at Mt Baw Baw and a professional adventurer who in 2008 became the first person to kayak across the Tasman Sea. Then 2 years later he completed the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. He has authored 2 bestse lling books & speaks at conferences all over the globe. Cas is a father of one and strongly advocates the value of getting parents & children into the outdoors. 
Cass and Jonesy casually strolling the South Pole :-) 

Cass takes 5 minutes to share with us his Fitness Food Style ethos;

1.  What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

My family and I live in the upper Blue Mountains just out of Sydney. Every day we’re out playing in the outdoors - Instead of going to the gym, I go rock climbing, instead of running on a treadmill, I hit the dirt tracks. It’s a lifestyle that suits our attitude about the importance of getting outside!

2. Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate?

After the amount of time I’ve spent on long expeditions eating dehydrated meals (last one was 90 days in Antarctica)- I crave fresh salads and a well cooked steak! Oh… and finishing it off with a perfectly ripe banana with some vanilla yogurt and honey. YUM.

3.  Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why?

I wouldn’t say style is a strong passion of mine… Down in Antarctica we only had 2 pairs of undies & thermals for our 3mths expedition! I guess my mantra when it comes to style… if it’s clean its good!


What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?

My parents always drilled into me: always give what you’re doing 100% & never give up. I’m not the toughest adventurer out there by any means, but this is definitely one maxim I live by.

5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

1. North Face down jacket

2. Hair ties or a headband (nothing worse than going for a run and the hair mopping your face!)

3. Toughest thing when going away is leaving my wife and 15mth old baby boy- Jack. I often want to throw them in my luggage so they can come with me!

 * * * 

Thanks so much Cas for sharing your life with us. For those that wish to join Cas on a tailored adventure retreat for your family, please visit: A big thank you to Mount Baw Baw for an amazing experience which was tailored perfectly for our family of six!

Have you been on an adventure lately?

Much love and friendship,

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