Keeping fit with Kim Kardashian

It's Fitness Friday today and I thought I would share the lovely Kim Kardashian's workout regime. Of all people she would be the most busiest mothers I know, she's a Mum, business woman and a wife. Hang on! That's us too, right? WRONG! We are fortunate enough not to have the paparazzi follow every step we make, here is an example of Kim's day when she heads out to the gym.

She grabs a coffee on her way to the gym and BOOM! The cameras go off the hook!

KK coffee

The thing I love about Kim is that she takes time to chat and take a picture with her fans. Is that woman in the pink checking out her handbag or butt?

KK paparazzi

Kim talks about how every woman and every pregnancy is different. What works for one may not work for another person.

"I think the best way to lose weight is to drop the negative people in your life. Once you find the right balance of what works for you, the pounds will come off a lot easier.

After having my firstborn, I struggled to lose the extra flab. I followed a strict diet, hired a personal trainer, and I breastfed. I still had another 10-15 pounds to go when I got pregnant with my son last year. This time I didn’t stress about losing the baby fat. I ditched the trainer, I’ve been eating whatever I want in moderation. I’ve lost all the pregnancy weight."

How's this camera guys photography skills? What a great profile shot.

KK gym


Kim says having a baby was the biggest challenge of her life. Kim follows the Atkins diet - eating about 2000 calories a day of healthy fats and proteins like Turkey, grilled salmon, almonds, and lots of veggies. She avoids bread, pasta, and alcohol. Kim also follows an exercise routine that includes Pilates Plus.

Pilates is a Method of exercise that conditions the whole body and is based around improving your core stability and using correct muscle movements. Along with the physical work Pilates also focuses the mind on breathing and connecting with the body.

Pilates uses specifically designed movement patterns and specialised equipment to achieve and restore musculoskeletal balance concentrating on a strong core or centre, which includes the abdominals, pelvis and back. Therefore Pilates is not only great for overall strengthening of the body, but also for the rehabilitation of injuries. Having established a reputation in back and spinal care, Pilates has a unique ability to work in a non-impact and non-weight bearing environment while targeting weak muscles to increase the bodies functional support system.

Pilates is a fantastic workout that is not only successful but also a lot of fun.

Oh yeah did anyone see the latest cover of  Paper Magazine. Yes! Kim is showing off her fitness figure and how it pays to go workout. What do you think? Apologies in advance if nudity offends.



Would you stand tall, proud and pose nude?


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