Keeping Fit With the Kids Over the Summer Holidays

It’s all too easy to get off track from your fitness goals when Summer comes calling! As a busy mum of 4 I can tell you that all it takes is a morning or two of hitting the snooze button to throw everything off schedule. Don’t let it happen to you!

Exercising with kids

You might have Mother Nature’s best timekeeper at your side and not know it; I’m talking of course about your beautiful child(ren). Kids love to get their bodies moving indoors and out, and I’ve got a few things in mind that you can share with them that will have them seizing every chance to have fun, get fit, and be active. And you might just find yourself motivated to get out there and get moving too!

Beep Test Run

The Beep Test Run is a great way for kids to track their fitness levels throughout the week to see how they compare each time.‏

Coloured Ball Fitness

A fun fitness game my kids and I play is a Coloured Ball Fitness game where each ball represents an exercise and everyone sees how many exercises they can do in 30 secs! Each ball represents a different fitness move eg; blue ball = burpees, yellow ball = jumping jacks and red ball = squats‏; Scatter the balls and challenge your kids to collect a ball and perform the exercise. Enjoy setting new goals and shaking things up each time you play! A red ball could mean 5 squats today, and 7 tomorrow, and so on.


Soccer Skills

Soccer skills training is always a fun way for kids to have fun while honing their skills and coordination! My son Noah loves to see how many times he can toe tap his soccer ball and practice his foot coordination skills!

Ball Skills

Kids of all ages can enjoy simple games and activities like throwing, catching, and kicking a ball. You can set them up to take turns throwing and catching a ball back and forth, having them step farther away from one another, then closer, then farther away again. You can also set up a hoop or basket for them to rock their dunking skills, or even help them create a homemade bowling game and cheer them on as they knock over their “pins”

Tyre Run

Here’s a fun activity that my son Noah loves to do! I call this the Tyre Run; Noah straps the tyre around his waist and runs around as long and as fast as he can. This helps build power, strength, and endurance for growing young bodies! If your child is looking for a way to take their fitness to the next level, this just might do the trick.

My kiddos each have their own iPad (each of them received one for Christmas) equipped with Microsoft Office 365 – They love using Excel to record their progress in different activities, jot down a quick idea in OneNote for a new game, or start up PowerPoint to make a fun slideshow of their favourite games to share! They’re always excited to tell me how well they’re doing and to show me their favourite pics from our workouts together.


Office 365 really does #WorkWonders for me and my family by keeping us on track when we’re on the go. There’s always something to do or somewhere to be, and it helps us keep things fun no matter where we are!

I use my Surface Pro 3 and my iPhone to plan my day – They’re both equipped with Microsoft 365 and everything is synched across all of my devices. Thanks to cloud storage I always have everything with me that I need to take care of business, which means that I have more time to find opportunities to connect with my family and friends. Plus I get to bring you moments like these when we are out and about. How gorgeous is this Great Ocean Road view at Teddy's Lookout? Divine!

Stevens family

I couldn’t be happier with my collaboration with Microsoft! Without the tools bundled up in Office 365 and the flexibility of my Surface Pro 3, I wouldn’t be able to share the many ways I’ve made my life easier and pass my tips on fitness, food and style along to you, my lovely readers!

Whenever you can, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to workout, grab a healthy snack, and be kind to yourself. Let’s make 2015 an awesome year for everyone on #TeamDani! Make sure you join this month's #offthegrid2015 challenge and see you when we get back from holidays on the 20th January.


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