JETSTAR come fly with me, come fly let's fly away.....or maybe not?

I love Frank Sinatra
I especially love flying, anything to do with the airport I AM THERE!! There is just something about that place that grabs me. I love seeing people welcome loved ones in their open arms, all that hugging and kissing, the farewell tears and see you soon waves, the chauffeur gentlemen holding up their passengers names (one day that will be me, not the chauffeur but the passenger being driven by the chauffeur!) and just the hustle and bustle of it all. Growing up I ALWAYS wanted to be a Flight Attendant AKA trolley dolly but the boys/men in my life never allowed me to be that high up in the sky and away on trips for too longer periods. Hmmmm...I wonder why?? Having said that, I haven't had the best experience with our friends at Jetstar recently. I had two back to back shockers!!! Waaaa? I hear you say. I didn't tell you this? Well I did tweet it! Let me fill you in when I was away at the DP Conference in Sydney a couple of weeks ago..... 
I'll try and keep it short and sweet. Both arrival and departure times were delayed. Real bad. Especially when you need to get home to your beautiful 4 babes and gorgeous man of a husband. BUT!!! Because I LOVE the airport so much it didn't phase me, seriously I know there are some of you that loathe that place and just want to fly in and out! I get that, but I love THE AIRPORT!!! You know what the airport reminds me of??? Twitterland. Yes, mingling and chatting to random strangers across the globe! I love it! So back to my airport saga which really wasn't a big saga to me because it made me so passionate to want to create a healthier food bar than this one.....
Sydney airport, anyone fancy a healthy treat?
Seriously? What's going on there? Don't get me wrong back in the day I would've loaded up on a couple of bags but now, I just roll my eyes and think convenience makes people more money and that's how the business world works! Hence me not wanting to work in the business world, instead for people to help them, especially when it comes to their health and their families wellbeing.
Anyways, here's my delayed flight snapshot, flight was meant to leave Sydney at 12:55pm however it decided to go at 14:30pm people are sitting around, waiting, waiting....
What to do at Sydney airport when your JetStar flight is delayed SHOPPING OF COURSE

So what did I do? I much preferred to go window shopping during that time and find some things for the kids. Oh yes, and try a little black leather/denim dress (which I didn't buy, too short!).

Anyways to top things off I find out over our DP Gala Dinner, while speaking to one of the major sponsors, Klaus who is the Exec Chairman of (a new company that has been set up to make our lives so much easier so you can find and book all your healthcare appointments, from one place on your mobile or PC and even after hours! How cool is that?) telling me something about Jetstars $8.50 credit card surcharge (the funny thing is, I didn't check all these fees when I booked my flight, I just wanted to fly away....)  But when I did the math if we were ALL going..... That means every time I book online with Jetstar and pay by credit card (which is the only way I roll these days) I get zapped with a $8.50 surcharge per passenger per flight; 

x6 (Adrian, Dani, Noah, Oscar, Mietta & Zali)  x 2 (return trips)  = $102 WTH? Jetstar are saying thank you very much to the Stevens family, for choosing to fly with us!!! Can you imagine to the rest of the Australians? That's my leather/denim dress up there that I could get with that money Jetstar. Where's the love? Here is the love......

Jetstar drop the $8.50 credit card surcharge on our airfares in line with the new Reserve Bank ruling!

SIGN THIS PETITION OVER AT CHANGE.ORG  and let's get some spending money in our pockets while we travel huh? That's criminal that they want to charge this amount, in fact the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently stated "these charges are just not acceptable and should be dropped". AMEN. So sign away my friends and lets help Klaus make a stand against Jetstar. There are already 35,682 signatures which mind you the CEO is ignoring but if we reach another 14,000 signatures then Jayne Hrdlicka will have to respond to this petition. So let's make this count and forward onto your friends and family.

Come over and leave them a message on their Jetstar Facebook page here's mine!
NB: Jetstar will claim the $8.50 is not a credit card surcharge but their "service and booking" fee. Whatevs! Like that is service? We all know the drill, so let's put a stop to this. 
3 days of exercising for me this week, 90 minutes MAX! Combined both my resistance training and leg interval workout. I'll take some pics of some of my moves to exactly show you what I've been up to. How about you? Have you been following the stand up and be rawesome leg workout programs on my blog or using your own? You can check it out here or come follow the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts I do. It's never too late to start.

It's been a tough week and to be honest I think I buckled after Day 2 or 3 with being 100% fully raw? It's like asking a smoker to quit cigarettes for 30 days. I know it's doable (all this cold turkey stuff) but some people are different and I am one of these people. I was constantly tired and felt light headed, dizzy and just lacked energy. Mind you I didn't prep myself or YOU enough, to get our meals prepared and that is what I have found most challenging with going fully raw. There is a lot  more fruit and veg prep work than my ordinary way of cooking and if I don't prepare the night before the kids really can't wait for their juice or salad if I have to peel it, wash it, cut it, serve it etc.....right then and there. They want their food NOW!!!!! Anyways this morning was a breeze as I was more prepared. So I took my morning snack with me, a large bowl of watermelon (approx. 300 calories). I am slowly learning and adapting. However I am incorporating my meat products along the way. Not too much, maybe 20% of the time. More on that on another post. Happy Saturday!!! Gotta fly.....

Watermelon snack

What are you finding most difficult throughout our STAND UP AND BE RAWESOME challenge? XxDani

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