Jessica Alba. Lucy Liu. Miranda Kerr. Dani Stevens.

Jessica Alba. Lucy Liu. Miranda Kerr. Dani Stevens. What do I have in common with some of the world’s most gorgeous women?

One word – Pilates. I can’t speak for every Hollywood celebrity and supermodel around but, speaking for myself – I LOVE it! For me, being healthy is more about how you feel, than how you look and Pilates definitely ticks that box – big time!

If you’re a regular at you’ll know that my life as a mum to four VERY active kids is BUSY. But even when I can't squeeze getting to class into my balance of working and family life, I make sure I practise the core exercise elements of Pilates around the house while I’m doing my usual household routine.

Really. Check out the way I mop and dry the floor (excuse the apparel, I get hot when I am doing house chores!) Exercise comes in MANY forms and I am all about helping busy people like me find ways to keep moving away from the traditional pressure of attending personal training sessions of managing gym memberships.

House cleaning exercises by Dani Stevens

It’s all about the slow sweep and slide motion. Slow. Sweep. Slide.

Pilates isn’t a new concept for me – throughout my pregnancies and post-birth of all four children, I have always done clinical Pilates as a way of letting my body bounce back gently but once all four kids were keeping me active in different ways, I admit I lost touch with doing it regularly.

But now – especially after my recent back injury – I am back into the Pilates groove and getting brilliant results. Doing regular classes has got me amazing results and I can’t wait til the school holidays to get back into my full swing (or stretch!)

And my next plan? I’m even considering becoming a Pilates instructor as another positive way I can continue helping others live healthier lives.

Do you need more motivation to get moving?

Here is one of my favourite Pilates exercises that you can do using a standing platform, known as a reformer.


Standing Side Split

Reformer pilates with Dani Stevens

The objective of this one is to strengthen your hip adductors. Pilates is all about exploring your maximum range of motion while still maintaining control. Done properly it will improve balance and improve your posture, as well as increasing flexibility of your hips.

Of course, if you have existing knee problems, it’s important you talk to your GP or physio before launching into any new exercise routine. It’s not recommended if you’re prenatal either – falling off the reformer could risk your pregnancy.

Step 1: Inhale and exhale in the starting position.

Step 2:

Inhale and press the carriage out, being sure to keep your legs straight and your weight spread evenly on both feet. Let your inner thigh muscles control your movement. Pause with the carriage at it widest point.

Step 3:

Exhale as you draw the carriage to its starting position.

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YOU app with Dani Stevens pilates

Happy Friday and share this post with your friends that need that extra motivation! What are you up to?


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