Jamie Oliver visits Australia plus WIN a Date With Dani

How cool huh? Jamie regularly pays us a visit in Oz to share his food passion and Food Revolution movement, and this trip isn't any different. He's all about giving his time and knowledge to teach us about eating healthy foods, which echoes well here at Team Dani. Welcome Mr Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver Dani Stevens Sydney Australia Food Revolution

You have been quite busy these past few days, from visiting your restaurants in Hong Kong then landing in Adelaide early this week and zipping over to Sydney, then Brisbane next week! WHOOSH!!! You can keep up with Jamie over on Instagram or Twitter, there is never a dull moment with this man. That's why I adore him so much! He's loads of fun (and very cheeky) a food/chef extraordinaire and father of 4. Well maybe 5 soon....so many hints out in social media land recently. Fingers crossed.

So I thought why not check him out in action this Sunday 29th March 2015 live on the stage at The Sydney Opera House.

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One lucky Team Dani winner will join me on Sunday for lunch, loads of laughs and watch Jamie live. So keep your mobile on today as I will be calling YOU by 5pm today!!!! It's never too late to enter!

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Date with Dani Stevens


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Happy Friday!


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