It's my birthday!!! YAY!!! 39 today

I love birthdays. In fact I can't wait for my 40th next year! I hope to have an amazing birthday party next year with all my amazing friends.

This morning we had Mietta's ballet, without sounding too bias she looks like a complete doll!!!! Even baby Zali goes into the studio and has a little twirl. It's to die for!!!! I never did ballet when I was growing up (I was such a tom boy) but our little Mietta is such a girly girl and she absolutely loves going to ballet (mind you this is our 3rd time!)

My darling Ballerina girl Mietta

Here are some banana, choc, peanut & coconut birthday bites we had this morning! Turning my life around and trying to avoid all that butter, cream and sugar in cakes.

Banana, choc, peanut and coconut bites

We simply sliced the bananas, spread peanut butter on them, sprinkled cacao and coconut! Kids had so much fun! Our kids are so supportive and are enjoying our healthier food options that they absolutely blow me away every day with their healthy choices. Of course when they are around those that eat the sugary stuff, they won't say no. Well Noah will, Oscar and Mietta could eat the entire candy store!!!

My birthday cake

This was a pretty risky place to take a photo but you know me by now, I like to live on the wild side!!! Another glorious day today so we spent it of course beside our pool.

Fruit cake by the pool

Kids were so adorable with my birthday fruit cake arrangement! It even had candles on it!!!

My 39th fruit platter cake

Elle MacPherson turned 49 this year! I can't wait to turn 40 next year and look this amazing when I'm just about to enter my 50's!!!! She's rocking it and I know with our fit and healthy lifestyle WE WILL TOO!!! We'll be in our 60's when it's our kids 21st birthdays so I want to make sure I'm still rocking it! :-)

Elle MacPherson at 49 and rocking it - Vanity Fair 

For more amazing pics on this amazing woman, click here for the Vanity Fair photo shoot.

I was so happy to receive birthday cards as well today, nothing beats a handwritten card sent by mail. My Dad has never missed my birthday and I adore receiving his cards. Even though I appreciate all the e-cards out there, there's just something more personal about someone writing on a card and placing it in the mailbox. My most favourite birthday card today was from my beautiful sister in law Emma. Thanks so much beautiful. Your cards are always amazing every year! You are the best!

Hallmark cards are the best

So once again thank you all of your beautiful birthday wishes, I had an amazing birthday and what a pleasant and ironic day to have clocked 39,000 Instagram followers today!!! I love you all XxDani

My 39th birthday 

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