It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, we ♥ LOVE Christmas. Love the vibe, the festivities, the meaning behind the whole tradition and that special day when our Saviour was born. Without getting too religious on you, we teach our children that there is a Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. That you must love one another, be kind, honest, charitable, truthful, have self worth and respect, be obedient (especially to your parents, as the birds are watching and reporting back to Santa. So you don't want a sack of spuds under the tree this year, do you kids?) anyways, you know the drill. I hope and pray with these morals and standards, it builds a solid foundation for them to make the right choices each and every time they step out of our home.

So here are our 4 little darlings, our first ever Christmas last year as a family of 6......

Christmas 2011

WOW? Really? They're all mine? Sheesh! How lucky are we? Truly blessed with our 2+2 combo! Thanks to the man upstairs, really, I love you!!!

So we have been decorating and marking down the days until Christmas. Here is what you will find around our place....

1. The countdown Christmas tree

2. Christmas fairy

3. Christmas soldiers 

4. Christmas angels

We have been busy doing plenty of Christmas crafts, here's just a couple. Sparkly mini pegs and a garland in the making!

Christmas crafts sparkly mini pegs and garland

We just used last years Christmas cards and cut them into circles, stuck them together in between the coloured twine and whalla! Mini pegs, paste glue, sprinkle sparkles and you're done! It will bring some bling to your pressie tags!

Ohhh how can I forget about the magical Christmas tree Noah selected all by himself?!!!

Fresh Christmas trees

He did such a great job and so did the kids decorating it. Here is the before shot and I will make sure I take an after shot and post ASAP.....

Ok, so a short and sweet post. It's all happening so I look forward to filling you in with more later gator! Leave me a comment about what is going on around your place and all the fun stuff leading up to Christmas?

Xx Dani

PS: Day 10 & 11 #xmas25challenge. Did you do your squats today?

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