It's a beautiful day.....sunshine everywhere!!!

Hello my friends, happy Sunday to you all. I hope you had a terrific weekend and ready for another brand new week. I did my run this morning (after a little sleep in, 9-ish) and did 4.7kms. I'll gradually increase it to 6kms so I am comfortable whilst running and not hating it like I am at the moment. Well, that's quite harsh. Let's just say, I'm not a fan of running at moment and hope this mindset does change...soon.

After my run, we decided an impromptu trip was the way to spend our Sunday. So where did we go? Down to the beach. Here is a snap shot of our day!!!

Breakfast Chocolate protein smoothie (straight after my run) Morning snack Eggs, spinach & tomatoes on wholegrain bread

Tomatoes added after picture was taken

This was the quickest breakfast! Eggs cooked in the microwave for 1 minute. This is my secret weapon....

We then headed off to the beach with all the "sugar free" hot chocolate, strawberry and banana drinks for the kids whilst Adrian and I had lattes as seen on picture 1 in the above collage. Lunch Tuna wraps with Baba ganoush dip, crackers and cherry tomatoes

We decided to eat our lunch outside on the decking (the sunshine was divine today and we were even greeted by our lovely beach house locals Kookaburra and King Parrot. They were fighting over the cracker as pictured in the last picture in the above collage). Lunch only cost $20 for the 6 of us. When we do go out for lunch, the kids meals are approx. $10 each, then Adrian and I order ours and $100 just vanishes before our eyes and that's just for lunch! Ridiculous huh? I can shop for the entire week and feed our family for $100!!! Anyways more on that on another post.... Afternoon snack Banana and walnuts Protein bar Dinner Grilled mushrooms with feta and herbs Grilled cheese & spinach wholegrain toasties

We were very late home, so this was a simple and quick meal to make before showers and bed... Okay, I'm off to do my Fit Yummy Mummy -  Transformation Kit workout and I look forward to meeting you all again tomorrow.

Xx Dani

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