I work out!!!! LMFAO - no excuses

I know this sounds a bit harsh but I am participating in a 6 week challenge so my goal was never to miss a workout. So far, I haven't and I am stoked, as I thought I would use one of my old excuses but they are slowly starting to fade away.....instead I have LMFAO getting me through my workouts these days :-)

Pre workout
Apple puree

Resistance training 4 x 50 secs of various circuit exercises with 10 secs of rest
Interval training 10 x 60 secs of SB (swiss ball) wall squats and shoulder press with 10 secs of marching

Post workout 
Vanilla protein powder with water 300ml

Home made muesli (oats, corn flakes, cranberries, walnuts, coconut, chia seeds) with milk

Morning snack
Yogurt with chia seeds, frozen blueberries & almond flakes (sprinkle of cinnamon)

Here are the kids doing some water colour painting with sprinkles of salt and using cotton balls as clouds....of course Mietta likes to make a big salty & cloud puff hill whereas Oscar took more of a landscape approach with his outback potrait.

I'm sure my kids take after their artist BABA aka Grandmother currently in Serbia

Left over vegetable stir fry (moulded from the plastic container in the fridge)

Afternoon snack
Avocado, hummus and sweet potato dip with eggs and vegetables

GF bolognese zucchini pasta

For my readers that have celiac or are gluten intolerant, this is a fabulous substitute. I tend to eat a lot more of this as it's much lighter in my belly (I can eat wheat however do notice my tummy bloating when I have too much pasta).

While my bolognese bubbles away I also make a batch of meatballs to save on a few emergency night dinners

Julienne zucchini and soak in hot boiling salty water, drain and then serve with bolognese sauce

I hope everyone has had a beautiful Friday, we were on the go all day. I have all 3 kids at home on Fridays (Oscar's Kinda day off!) and then we pick up Noah at 3.30pm. Noah wanted me to take him window shopping, to check out Skylanders??? It's on his birthday list, he turns 7 next month. Baby Zali is turning 1 as well so I will be one busy Mama!!! Invites are printed and mailed, so that's one check done!

Now we are planning to collapse in front of the tv with all the kids as a special Friday night treat to watch the football. My hubby barracks for Essendon and is trying to convert all the kids to the red and black side.....I just like black and white!

****UPDATE**** Dessert

love of my life just had a found! Cadbury's new celebrations block of chocolate!!!! I buckled and have had 3 squares!!! Loving the pop and crackling texture with the jelly bits!!! Yummo! Seeeeeeee, again!!! Living dangerously!!!! ha!

Oh yes, I have our running group tomorrow morning. I will let you know whether that stitch rears it's ugly head. I plan on doing my FIRST ever FUN RUN here in Ballarat on the 21st October, so anyone interested in joining me, please let me know. Surely 3 months is enough to prepare for a 6km run, yes or no?

Until then XxDani

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