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Enjoy this and thank you Andrea. I think I love you xx

I am so in love with yoga. I am not good at it but jeepers, I love it. They say yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory, that's why I love it so much. ha. ha.

My days are pretty jam packed with so many kids activities, work commitments and general house management for us 6 peeps. Well this weekend I officially MADE TIME for me and went to my very first hot yoga session. My first instructed yoga session at the wonderful Absolute Yoga in my home town Ballarat.


For my local readers, please take up their sensational $39 hot yoga classes for the month of June, one per customer but come as many times as you want throughout that month.

Yesterday was a little over whelming and I felt a little dizzy, today I was a lot better. Heaps of muscle awareness for sure.

Seriously, I need to learn to put my phone away......

Hot Yoga Studio - Absolute Yoga Ballarat

But then how am I going to show you what's happening and what I am wearing to yoga :-)

Can I just say, this peace and quiet for an entire hour is priceless. I typically don't get this type of deep relaxation when I am racing to the shops or taking the kids to school, kids activities etc...or when I am at the hairdressers. Well I guess this is my time but we all know this maintenance experience isn't one of solitude.

We all need to fuel our body and hydrate when we exercise, so I always make sure I have plenty of water throughout my day especially after my workouts.

Food is so important to fuel ourselves prior to any type of exercise, so I make sure I have these amazing snacks before I go.

Rainbow fruit salad

Yes, it was ALL mine. I know you may think this is a lot of fruit.

Rainbow fruit salad

1 punnet of blueberries
1/4 watermelon
2 mandarines
1 kiwi fruit and
1 passionfruit

In order to reach my calories, I need to eat more fruit. This is approximately 350 calories. I am trying to continue my stand up and be rawesome 80/20 lifestyle which means I aim to eat 80% raw produce and 20% animal. Some days I go over and cook the vegetables but I do what works best for me and our family.

Besides fruit is such a great take away food alternative.

Fruit on the go

Yoga A Day Challenge

Day 16. Bakasana aka Crane Pose

Grow Soul Beautiful Day 16. Crane Pose

This is such a tricky pose for a new yogini like myself. I couldn't hold it for more than 10 seconds but I look forward to gaining more upper body strength to keep this pose and breath at least 3 long breaths.

What do you do to relax? Seriously relax? Unwind and not let any thoughts run through your mind? I can honestly say, these 1hr hot yoga sessions these past 2 days have really been a zone out time for me. I really hope I can make this a regular occurrence in my life.

Yoga + me = love relaxation

Happy Sunday xxDani

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