I can't believe I did a workout!

For those people with young children you will know where I am coming from when I say, a wake up call at 2am to watch cartoons isn't pleasant. So for the next 2 hours I had my daughter Mietta staring at me as I layed beside her in her bed to keep her vibrant voice muted as our other 3 children lay sound asleep. Anyways to cut a long story short, I had a terrible nights sleep and I really didn't want to do a workout.
Until I realised that was the old me thinking! It is so easy NOT to do things, trust me I am the Queen Of Excuses so now I find ways on how I CAN DO IT!! So when NIKE asked me to come up their new slogan JUST DO IT!! Yeah yeah okay, that wasn't me but you know where I am coming from. If you don't do things yourself, they just don't get done. Don't expect a friend, a husband or a lover to get you out of bed and say C'mon, lets workout! Unless you are part of a bootcamp team and they come strip the sheets off your bed at 5am in order for you to show up!
Ok, I am now simply just rambling to fill in this post so I will end my attempt of a short story on "making excuses". I made a commitment to myself to achieve anything in life, I need to give it a fair go. Like really give it my 100%.
So there! I should have just posted I can believe I did a workout! and dropped the word "CAN'T" as I am here to let you know I CAN and so can you. If I CAN DO IT with 4 kids under 6, sleep deprived, when it's still dark outside and the rain is pouring and all you want to do is lay in your warm bed then seriously what is your excuse for not making time for yourself to get fit, healthy and feeling fabulous. Check out Fit Yummy Mummy for my fitness secret.
Please add your comments so we can work out a strategy and a plan of attack for all your excuses!!
Read soon XxDani

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