How hot do you get in bed?

Did you know that the ideal temperature under your bed covers should be 29 degrees? Okay…no jokes about the way the temperature gets even hotter at times – just some serious info that can help you get into my August Sleep Challenge and make a positive difference to your better health. By having too many covers on or using electric blankets or water bottles, you can make your bed TOO hot and that can affect how you sleep. The best temperature for your bedroom? About 16 degrees, the experts say. That allows heat to escape from the top of your head and keep your body at a healthy temperature.

But be aware that being too cool can impact on a solid sleep too.

Our body temperature rises naturally during the day and dips at night and around 3am is when it is at its lowest. Because that often coincides with times in our sleep cycle when we might be tossing and turning our covers off (if you have children, you will relate) it explains why sleep can be disturbed in the middle of the night and we wake up feeling cold and uncomfortable, Make sure your bed is tucked in comfortably and that your bedding can’t slip off while you sleep. I always prefer one good quality quilt over lots of blankets but whatever works for you is fine – as long as it stays on your bed!

So…today’s lesson from the August Sleep Challenge? Time to buy new bedding?


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Hmmmm….Sounds good to me… in fact I have some lovely linen from my friends at Ettitude for us older peeps and I didn't want to forget about our little cherubs so my beautiful friends at ooh noo are also providing their divine linen range.

ooh noo

Bed linen ooh noo

So with all these gorgeous sheets, you'll be able to create a new special bedtime ritual...

It may sound a little weird, maybe but it works. It’s just another little routine that trains your body for what is coming next – in this case, a healthy night of good quality sleep. Do what works for you and your family but you might find that you make an effort to have a warm shower or bath (not too hot!) and then climb into bed with a cup of herbal tea and your favourite book or magazine for an hour before you plan to turn the light out.

No screens, remember – just reading and maybe some completely restful short meditation after you close the pages…

Then get up, brush your teeth, dab a few splodges of your favourite skincare on, and back to bed you go. Follow the pattern every night for several nights in a row and you’ll find that your body tunes in and prepares – making it easier to get to sleep quickly, without the tossing and turning.

If you haven't already registered for this months sleep challenge, you can fill it out now as there is more giveaways next week!

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Have an awesome weekend!


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