Hosting over at YOU app with Jamie Oliver - Easy Stretches for No-Fuss Fitness

Heeeeyyyyy!!! It's a brand new month and what does that mean? Yeah, yeah - another challenge here at The reason I am such a Challenge Queen is cos I need stuff to keep me motivated and I hope, in return, it motivates YOU as well.

So, when the team over at YOU app invited me to host their MOVE action again, I was over the moon. You know what they say about the longest journey, right? It starts with a small step.  This month, the "keep it up" action is all about making the time to enjoy a 2 minute workout throughout your day.

YOUapp with Jamie Oliver and Dani Stevens stretching

So today's action is pretty simple, it's all about stretching...


Dani Stevens YOU app with Jamie Oliver stretching

What I love about working out and what gets me real results is being flexible with when and how I do things. This month, I am really focusing on my core stability strength and planking for 2 minutes, but every now and then I break them up throughout the day - 4x 3o seconds. Here's some of my daily planks recently, so use the pics as your guide for a workout that works.  Your arms should be directly opposite your shoulders and make sure your buttocks are in line and straight with your shoulders. Got it? Then squeeze your shoulder blades together (envisage your chicken wings touching).

What is planking? How do you do a plank? I do them whenever, wherever just check out my environments. I try and squeeze at least 2 minutes for these babies! You should too.

Plank challenge on YOU app with Jamie Oliver Dani Stevens

You can download the free YOU app here and come join us for more fun-filled micro-actions that will improve a better YOU!

See you over there!


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