Healthy cauliflower leek quiche or pie base

Typically we have pizza's on Friday night but I had a cauliflower in the fridge which I thought would make an ideal base for those traditional pastry quiche and pie bases. You know the ones with white flour, butter, eggs etc... well here's my super quick, healthy chicken quiche or pie version.

Healthy chicken quiche pie

This is an ideal Fathers Day light lunch served with some salad. Adrian has requested this for Sunday! He loved ALL the flavours.

1 cauliflower
1 leek
3 eggs
parmesan cheese (or your preferred cheese)

Boil cauliflower and leek, once cooled squeeze excess liquid and mash up with a fork, mix in eggs, cheese and seasoning. Line mixture into a quiche pan and bake until golden brown. Add whatever cooked toppings you like to this.

Doesn't it look beautiful? It's super tasty too!

Healthy cauliflower and leek quiche pie base 

I sautéed (whilst the quiche pie base was in the oven baking) 1 leek with 3 zucchini's and 1 packet of chicken tenderloins. You can do so many variations from bacon and mushroom, curry, bolognese mince you name it!

What are some traditional dishes you make on Fathers Day?

Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to ALL you Dads' out there.

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