Hawaiian Scrolls and our new coastal lifestyle

This week has been amazing. It's officially a week since we moved to our new home and we are loving the waves putting us to sleep and waking us up. Not to mention the bright sun that welcomes us every morning at 6am that makes you wanna get up. Don't get me wrong, our body clock is back down south. We are used to late nights and some morning sleep ins, only because it's still dark 6:30-7am. We love walking and scooter riding across the road to the beach and just spending the days exploring our new backyard!!!! We made the right choice when we said we would move up North!!! Whoosh! Life is really beautiful up here.


This week has been all about walking, skating and swimming in the ocean. My lower back is still causing me some grief with the whole move, so I'm checking out some local health professionals to get me back on track.

Dani Stevens family fitness fun

In the meantime our daily beach walks have been at least 3km unless we take the bikes out which end up being a 10km round trip. We are absolutely loving the outdoors!!!


I cannot believe how famished the kids are everyday, I feel I need to have food on me 24x7! It must be all the moving we are doing or the salt air. So I need to experiment and come up with super fast recipes and these are superb! I hope you enjoy them too. The beauty about this recipe is you can do whatever fillings you like. If you feel like something sweet, simply grate some apples and sprinkle some cinnamon and crushed walnuts.

Hawaiian Scrolls Image



Have a fabulous Monday and if there is anything I can help you with, please leave me a comment below. Otherwise see you over on Instagram.

Xx Dani


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