Have you done ALL your Christmas shopping?

WELL HELLO THERE!!! I can't believe how quick this week has flown!!!!

I wanted to touch base real quick to say hi, all is fabulous here and eating relatively well however really starting to indulge too many times!!! BAD right? Yeah yeah I  know it's Christmas and all that, but seriously why do I typically go so over the top when it is the silly season? Oh yes! That's right because I love a challenge to get me back on track. So I look forward to doing one with you all in the New Year.

Would you believe I just did our Christmas shopping today? Finalised the rest of the Christmas cards that I hope reach my beautiful friends and family this week!! Very slack this year, so much happening with all these projects and managing our peeps.

The squat challenge is going sensational and loving all the pictures being tagged to #xmas25squats.

Have a look at some them!!! Celeste is being cheeky with her mini skirt pose and such a great example, mother of 5 children!! Sarah is one lean and strong Mama and so inspirational, Anita is making it fun with her little man and Meg is in Sydney for a couple of days and managed to squat infront of the Opera House. Love you guys xxx

These 3 are my favourites a 40th dress up "popstars" party

Xmas family lunch get together....

And tick tock squats

You guys are truly inspirational!!! Thanks for keeping fitness fun and participating in this challenge!

Here's my squat for today as I was vacuuming all the pine needles off the floor!

Squats challenge 

Even though I have been indulging in crapola eg: chocolate, chips, over eating etc... I have been eating relatively clean.

This morning's brunch was spinach, feta scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Followed by the delicious 180 Nutrition coconut "green" smoothie and some fruit and yogurt.

Green smoothie

Dinner was a quick one with a store bought roasted chicken served with sautéed garlic brocollini.

Okay, keep those squat pics coming!!! Here are my other ones for the past few days for those not on Instagram or Facebook.....

Squats challenge #xmas25squats

Until we meet again......

Xx Dani

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