Happy hump day with some healthy food inspo

I try and teach our kids daily about fun facts about food so they know, not only is it good for them, they too empower themselves to teach and inspire others around them. I asked the kids what does healthy food mean to them and they said;

"We are a busy family household so keeping healthy is very important to keep us healthy and happy during the day." - Noah Stevens (age 10)

"Healthy eating and drinking makes me happy." - Zali Stevens (age 4)

"Choosing healthy snacks when we go shopping in the supermarket and no lollies or chips in our lunchbox." - Oscar Stevens (age 8)

"I stay focused at school with our fresh fruit snacks." - Mietta Stevens (age 6)

Here are some healthy snacks our kids are loving after school lately ...

Fruit Icy Poles

fruit icy poles

It's been pretty warm here in northern NSW or just on the border of QLD (we literally live 10 minutes from the border) so nothing beats a cool lick of these babies when the kids arrive home from school.

Ice cube fruit

fruit ice cubes


This is always a winner, however with the latest Nexba Ice Tea bottles it comes in handy pouring this natural flavoured tea, chop up a fruit and the kids just suck these ice cubes like it's going outta fashion. Get some Christmas moulds and they will be a hit this summer!

Frozen fruit on a stick

Frozen fruit on a stick

It can be a watermelon, apple or any fruit really. Be creative and grab those ice cream sticks and decorate your favourite fruit and place in the freezer until set and BOOM!

Peanut cacao and coconut balls

protein cacao and coconut balls

They literally grab a teaspoon of peanut butter, sprinkle some cacao, roll between their fingers or Oscar just places it directly in his mouth and eats the shredded coconut at the end. Where as our other civilised kids, roll the ingredients and sprinkle the coconut to make them look nice!

Fruit sorbets

These are totally quick and super easy after school. Grab your frozen fruits (we typically have sliced banana, mango or raspberries in the freezer) place in a blender and watch the sorbet magic happen. This is a real winner in the house!

There are so many fun way to get the kids creating their own healthy meals but most importantly knowing they are feeding their young and growing bodies the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need to keep healthy, happy and full of energy throughout their day!

What are some summer snacks you are loving now?


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