Happy Easter and have a great long weekend

Waaaa? Easter already?? Didn't we just celebrate my birthday the other day? Sheesh! Hello Healthy Easter Eggs IG

How gorgeous are these healthy, raw almond butter and coconut bounty Easter eggs by Guy and Mark @bondiharvest simple, fresh ingredients less the guilt. Check out their awesome recipe here. These chocolates will taste a lot better than those wrapped in foil, which make our kids bounce off the walls on Sunday morning. So I know what I'll be making! Thanks boys xx

This month flew past real quick with action packed activities such as celebrating my birthday, packing for our big coastal move, preparing for our massive 4,000kms drive and meeting Jamie Oliver! WHOOSH!!!! What's that saying again?

"Time flies when you are having fun?

It sure does. Some people say it's bad news but I say it's good news cos YOU ARE the pilot! I have been flying this week (literally) as you know spent a few days in Sydney watching the amazing Jamie Oliver present and launch his Food Revolution Day petition to the G20.


If you haven't already done so, please sign here. We all want our children, no matter where they live in this wonderful world to have access to food education. We are living in a food epidemic state and WE need to make the change. More than 42 million kids under the age of 5, are either overweight or obese. That's insane! As a society, we need to teach children to be active and eat healthy foods. Our children are the future leaders of our beautiful planet and they deserve our help.

So please sign and share this petition now. Be as creative as you wish and get out there in social media and tag #signitshare and #foodrevolutionday! I posted this while I was at Bondi.

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Sign It Share It Dani Stevens

Jamie is just one man and he needs our help! I couldn't help but show him some #TeamDani love and kiss him to show him our appreciation for all the work he does. Before you say anything, you are welcome. Ha ha

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Dani Stevens Opera House


What's on for the long weekend? We are finalizing our BIG move, leave on our road trip on Wednesday to soak up the coastal views and vibes. Taking it slow, stopping whenever and where ever along the way. You can catch all our updates over on Instagram. I can't quite grasp the fact we are leaving this amazing home and town as we have had 8 amazing years here. How could we not, when 3 of our children were born here! So many good times and memories that it's time to share them in a warmer state and dip our toes in the sand and sea. I can't wait to share our new home and life with you all very soon.

Have a fabulous weekend and I wish you and your beautiful family a lovely Easter filled with good times and plenty of laughter!



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