Happy 20th birthday Asics Gel-Kayano!

A new family member has joined The Stevens house hold, let me introduce you to the beautiful Kayano 20!!!!

As you all know, last week I went to The Athlete's Foot to get fitted into some new Asics and WOW!!!! I learnt some great things from the team as they told me when we run, our feet absorb the shock of 2.5 times our body weight. What people often don’t understand is how the overall body can be impacted by a poorly fitted shoe. Feet can protect themselves and shift the pain to our shins, back and shoulders.

What I love about Asics and the new Gel-Kayano 20

They are super comfortable, it's like walking on a spongy cloud (there is ample of cushioning AKA Fluid Ride which is a 2 layered midsole with a top & bottom layer) so smooth, silky (AKA Fluid Fit multi-directional stretch fabric that improves fit and comfort) and so light! They are unreal! I now understand why people change their runners frequently. As soon as you stop feeling like you are walking or running on cloud 9, its time to get a new pair. For most people, this is about every 6-10 months, depending on your level of activity.

I feel like running a marathon in these bad boys. Even my intense Freeletics workouts with the interval sprints, 2kms runs  and burpees I am doing, the shock absorption is amazing. Above is me in action over the weekend, listening to a bit of Lady Gaga performing as many burpees within 300 seconds (5 minutes) x 3 rounds.

Since the new Asics range has launched first at The Athlete’s Foot and in exclusive colours in their stores, I visited the team at Ballarat. The Fitting experience was fabulous and was my first pair of Asics fitted in over 10 years!!!! In a nutshell, the team at The Athlete’s Foot are very thorough and knowledgeable - they measure your feet, get you to step and walk on this cool intelligent pad which displays how much pressure, stability and balance you have on each foot. You are then given a summary of your "static snapshot" report and with the help of their fit technician team, voilá you walk out of the store in some runners that are fit to your unique feet. You can read more about your Fitprint here.

Getting fitted in Asics at The Athlete's Foot

I was thrilled to try all the new colours and the range of the new ASICS runners which are exclusive to The Athlete's Foot. Even the staff were excited to have their first customer fitted in the new ASICS 20 year anniversary runners. They don't hit other retail stores for a couple of weeks, so I felt a bit spesh. See the new Asics range here.

I tried all 4 styles of the new Asics range -  GT 2000 2, GEL Nimbus 15 and the GT 1000 2. I ended up being fitted to the Kayano 20 as it provided more arch support for my feet.

Kayano 20, GT 2000, GEL Nimbus

These Asics runners range from $149.95-$229.95. Mine were $249.95. We all know healthy starts from the feet up and I would much rather invest in my health, then pay unnecessary injury hospital/doctor fees. Do you agree?

So for any of my readers that need a new pair of running shoes head to your local The Athlete's Foot store as they are the knowledgeable ones when it comes to fitting the right runners for you. 

And how about winning your own exclusive pair of Asics runners here on Fitness Food And Style?

Win a free pair of Asics runners on Fitness Food And Style
I am super excited to announce an exclusive competition we are having here on Fitness Food And Style and the lovely folks at The Athlete's Foot. After falling in love with my new Asics Gel-Kayano 20 runners, I thought what better way to celebrate 20 years of the Asics Kayano than with one lucky FF&S reader!!!!
To enter and win an Asics fitting in store at The Athlete's Foot, all you have to do is:
Terms and conditions:
  • This giveaway is only open to Australian residents
  • Closing date for entries is Saturday, 30th November 2013
  • The winners will be contacted via email on Monday 2nd December 2013
  • If the winner does not reply to my email within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen
  • Entries will be judged on merit and decision of the winner will be final
I can't wait to see all your fit pictures out there!!! 


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