Half way mark Week 5 FYM Transformation Challenge

Hello my lovelies, just wanting to touch base and do a real  r.e.a.l.l.y  quick post!!! More pics, less typing ;-)

Busy! B.u.s.y! B.U.S.Y DAY!!!! Is all I can say. Isn't everyone though???

Workout was scheduled today and I COULD have made an EXCUSE but I didn't, so I did my 15 minutes resistance FYM trisets workout from the Transformation Kit which I am following over the challenge. 5 more weeks to go!!! Half way mark officially is here! Whooooosh!!!

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180 Nutrition coconut protein shake

Pear porridge with mandarin, walnuts and yogurt

We then headed out for our day trip to Melbourne.....I was so glad to get my toes out in the beautiful sunshine and a quick play in front of our house before muscle Mama :-) packed all the kids in the KIA and off we went!!!!

Here is my gorgeous friend Barb who is also a fellow blogger and one very talented fashion designer!!! Check her page HERE

This was us today having a chuckle, as we always do and I have ordered my Spring Racing carnival fascinator so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

How tired do I look???? Very puffy eyes and had the al natural look happening today, no make-up! Bring on summer as well for a bit of colour!!! I can't wait!!!!

Morning tea and lunch
Fruit platters and ham, lettuce and egg lettuce salad sandwiches
Americano coffee

I had about 6 of these sandwiches....and plenty of this beautiful fresh fruit. It was a hot day and it was so lovely to have these cool us down.

Here are our kids, Noah is 2 days older than Ava and they were each others first friends (we now refer to each other as "close family friends") when Barb and I met at our Melbourne Mothers Group 7 years ago. Our darling friend Deb was unable to come today (who inspired our daughters name Mietta) however look forward to seeing her very very soon, along with all our other lovely ladies.

On our way home we detoured via my old Williams-town before my husband whisked me away to the country......

Williamstown Pier, Victoria

Hey!!!!! I look in the rear view mirror and think? Sheesh!!! Where did all these 4 babies come from??? It sometimes freaks me out!!! All these guys in the last 7 years???? Unreal.

KIA Carnival. Best car in the world

Meatballs with steamed veggies and wholemeal spiral pasta

Meatballs with vegetable pasta

All I can say is thank goodness for meal planning and having these meatballs already cooked from the other night. All I did was boil the pasta for the kids and I had the vegetables raw with a few pasta swirls, reheated the meatballs and whalla!!! 
Over and out from me. We have some super back to back stuff happening here these next few days. Can't wait to share.....until then.
Xx Dani

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