Goodbye iOs and welcome to my new world of Windows 8.1

It has been over 10 years since I received my first smartphone. My first dip into this technology was with a Blackberry, with the promise of "real time" email, calendar and phone rolled into one - how cool is that! Since then, I have gradually migrated to the Apple iOS ecosystem with the iPhone. This took place close to their arrival in Australia around the 29th June 2007. These were some of the perks of working for a Telecommunications company for nearly 15 years, you got all the latest gadgets and goodies.

I soon found my life was being consumed by iOS with Apple TV and my MacBook Pro, but now that has all changed. Since partnering with Microsoft and joining their

My new Surface Pro baby

It's how I run my new business, everything is just seamless.

Why I love windows;

*   The ease of my finger tips swiping to my apps and my customised home page designed by me, for me
*   Massive storage and speed with the next gen Intel Core i5 processor. Longer battery life which is a dream for me!
*   Access to all my apps for my social media business, especially editing my videos
*   Using my Surface Pro 2 to do more by monitoring my exercises and training regime on the go as I am always out and about
Its never too late to join our #ffs_pushups *   Loving all the core Windows Apps in the Window Store

Zali taking a little nap after a hard day at the Fitness Food And Style office

I am so glad I am able to connect with you via these new devices, so I can run Fitness Food And Style more efficiently and streamline all my content on the social media platforms which keep us all connected. This is a huge time saver for me also. How gorgeous is the Surface Pro 2?

What's your favourite operating system?

Much love and friendship,


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