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We were so excited to be invited to share our pistachio shell creations with Wonderful Pistachios – if there’s one thing the kids go crazy for, it’s nuts and crafts...the perfect combination! The clever people at Wonderful Pistachios have come up with a brilliantly creative initiative to help Aussie families get off the technology and start creating together. It’s all about pistachios; so grab a handful of these yummy nuts and save the shells. Then you need to think of something fabulous you can make with the shells – let your imagination run wild!

The kids just loved getting into the creative spirit and coming up with clever and fun ideas. What would you do with a bunch of little pistachio nuts? Believe me, the options for creativity are endless! Wonderful Pistachios has come up with a great competition because not only does it encourage you to eat as many delicious pistachio nuts as you can, but anything that gets kids creative is always going to be a winner in my house.Wonderful Pistachios Dani Stevens

To be in the running for fabulous prizes (total prizes are valued at over $7000!) all you need to do is create your pistachio's works of art, take a photo or video of your work and then share it on social media. You can share either on your own networks with the hashtag #CreativelyGetCrackin or you can share it on the Wonderful Pistachios Australian Facebook page.

There was no shortage of ideas at my house: one of the kids came up with the idea to glue the shells onto a card and turn them into little stick figures – and there you have some unique little gift cards! The kids loved incorporating them in their deserted island pictures as coconuts, footballs, funny faces and even a love heart.



Creatively Get Cracking entries we love thus far....

Caro & Co made a beautiful bracelet and a family of sweet ladybugs!

Wonderful Pistachios


Jacob’s food diaries created this amazing creature!



Did you know that eating pistachios can lead to a healthy heart, weight management, protection against diabetes and hypertension, and improved digestion? The vitamins, minerals, fats and protein found in pistachio's are all so important for your overall health.

And don’t forget to use pistachio's in your cooking! I perfected a Christmas salad dish my family adores; green spinach & mix salad leaves, olives, goats cheese sprinkled with pistachios! The only problem is stopping certain family members from taking all the pistachios!

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So get cracking and eating those delicious pistachios, keep the shells and have a family brainstorm about your creative work of art! You never know, you could be one of the people munching and creating your way to a fabulous prize!


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