Fully Raw - My 7 days of going fully raw or semi 80/20

Here's a quick snap shot of my week, it's been tough but I am slowly learning how to fuel my body with plant based foods. Day 1 My first day ever to eat purely 100% plant based foods! Had a huge bowl of apples (6 in fact) sprinkled cinnamon for breakfast and funny enough, felt very satisfied. I need to ensure I eat a least 2,000 calories today so breaky was 400!

Fully raw apple cereal with cinnamon

Day 2 Making heaps of green juices and even the kids are loving all the cleaning and preparation of fresh foods. The only drama is, sometimes this process is taking up too much of my time as typically I'd only have to clean a handful of veggies and then throw some meat in the mix. Starting to feel hungry, tired and light headed. No caffeine will do this to you too!

Baby green smoothies

Day 3 Loving our Peachs fruit and vegetable boxes. It makes me realise how much we need to incorporate more raw food in our lifestyle. Mind you there are those vegetables we don't eat raw, so I make those for the rest of the family eg: baked potatoes  Still feeling a little up and then down today as I had a really late night. Many catch ups over the school holidays, so kids are keeping me very busy. I need to drink MORE water to flush out whatever is going on here!

Peachs Fruit and Vegetable fruit boxes. ORDER YOURS NOW!!! 

Day 4 Loads and loads of fruit today, also handful of walnuts. Then a plate full of these gorgeous veggies. Slowly getting into the swing of things but still so very hungry, so I am working out how much my body needs to feel full. Kids are also topping up their meals with crackers and dips, meats, yogurt so they are filling a lot more full.

Fully raw salad

Day 5 Starting to feel less fatigued and starting to incorporate more animal products. A little bit of yogurt, quinoa and meats. Majority of my food is plant based and I am simply loving the colours of some of these juices. Here is our watermelon, apple and pear juice! Simply divine! Kids loved the fact the bee was in this picture.

Watermelon, apple and pear juice

Day 6 Starting to feel a bit better not 100% but I also know this is due to lack of sleep. I also don't drink coffee every day so I am kinda sabotaging myself with getting slight headaches due to the caffeine withdrawal. I need to cut it 100% to make this work. Starting to add seafood in my diet along with other meats.

Prawn salad

Day 7 Oscar has been regular since we started our 80/20 lifestyle. No longer taking Osmolax which was a daily dosage to soften his stool. If we missed a day or 2 he would be bound for 2-3 days. So he's been one very happy camper this week!

Fully raw kids breakfast fruit platter

Here's what our kids have found challenging, eating raw over the past 7 days Noah 7 years old "it is hard to just eat the one fruit each meal time, every day" Oscar 5 years old "I still like eating my fruits and vegetables but sometimes it doesn't fill me up. I just want to eat something more that's good for you. Like chicken and avocado sandwiches." Mietta 3 years old "I love strawberries but not canteloupe" Zali 1 year old no comment 180 Nutrition Thank goodness my all natural protein powder provides additional calories in my day. I simply place a scoop in my smoothies and bump up it at least 200-300 calories. They also have a vegan range using pea protein isolate. Once again it's all 100% natural with no hidden surprises. I blend mine as a smoothie as one daily serve of 180 provides;

  • a healthy meal replacement
  • provide increased energy levels
  • assist lean muscle growth
  • help regulate your body weight
  • improve digestion (gluten free)


This week I did squats up against a wall with my fitness ball as I am experiencing a little lower back pain. I'm not getting enough sleep which I notice impacts on me. So with my Fit Yummy Mummy routine, I incorporated my squat interval training. Here is a picture of my modified squats for those that also may experience low back pain but are still safe to exercise. How was your first week of being fully raw? Did you buckle like me and shift to the 80/20? I hope most of you are at least trying to eat one fully raw meal per day.  Peachs fruit and vegetables on Eastwood St Please extend this invitation to whoever you know that lives in the Ballarat area. Mention my blog to receive a 10% discount off fruit & vegetable purchases at Peachs on Eastwood St, Ballarat What's your favourite raw dish?


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