Friday Freeletics - Mystery Transformation WEEK 3

WOW!!! 3 weeks! Time sure flies. Let's see how our mystery transformation Freeletics athlete is going this week.
She wrote to me saying you may not see a huge difference but she has measured herself and has lost over 2cms!!! She is pumped! I personally can see those love handles melting away too honey ;-) 

Week 1 versus Week 3

How long are the workouts taking you? Are they difficult or are you getting stronger? 
Oh my gosh this week was a killer for the workouts.  I did one called Atlas and it nearly killed me.  I seriously had sweat dripping off me after having to do the burpees, the froggie and the deep squats.  So this week I can safely say that the workouts are getting harder! 


What workouts did you do this week?
This week I got to do Aphrodite, burpee max, and ApolloN.  Oh and how can I forget the Atlas.  There have been squats, burpees, runs and leg raises and I am feeling great for it. I feel stronger in my legs and squats are feeling really good.


What are you eating and how did you go with New Years?
I went really well with food this week.  The past week I felt icky and slow in my workouts on the days that I had chosen to eat whatever I wanted.  This week I got back on track omelette's and swiss muesli for breakfast. Salad's with meat for lunch and meat and veg for dinner. I also made a yummy juice out of beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger as a refreshing snack. 
New Year's was hard but I had a few Gin and Diet tonics to try not increase the intake of calories plus I only had a few because I had the kids to get up to in the morning.  All in all a good week... Next week will be even better with out all this temptation!!


What's motivated you this week to exercise regularly and where have you been working out?This week I have been motivated by progress.  You might not be able to see the progress in my pics, but I have lost 2 cm on the stomach and 1cm on each thigh.  I am so happy with the progress!  Honestly it feels so good to see the progress that eating right and being consistent with my exercise can bring.  I can't wait for next week because I really think we will see a lot of progress in the pics.
What was the hardest thing you found this week with exercise and nutrition?
Nutrition... again! When we were doing a big road trip I found a salad sandwich which was better than the sausage rolls or Maccas option! 

AMAZING effort!!! Keep up the fab work.

How do you think our Freeletics mystery athlete is going? Have you any other questions for her? Grab your copy today!!!! Click here.

Much love and friendship,

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