Friday Freeletics Mystery Athlete - Week 9

Here is our Mystery Freeletics Athlete checking in for her 9th week doing the Freeletics program. What can you see? Can you see changes?

Please ensure you leave her some encouraging words as I think she's doing an amazing job with her new healthy and fit lifestyle.

Until next week, keep active!

Dear Diary,

OMG this week has been a WINNER!! On 3 different occasions I have caught up with people I haven't seen since I started this challenge and they have all told me how much weight I have lost. That makes me SMILE big time! I honestly can't tell you how proud I am of myself.  I know that we shouldn't be tied to people complimenting how we look, but it feels so good when someone says "You are looking GREAT!". 

This is a great motivator for me.  If you feel like nothing is happening, which last week I think I complained, just keep going because in the end you will see it and so will they.  My husband is even commenting on how good I am looking.  My clothes aren't as tight and I FEEL GREAT!

I am also being very conscious of what I am eating and bringing a lot of salads and wraps to work and my meal planning has been key this week.

I have to say that the best thing about the Freeletics eating guide and exercises are the education that I am getting from them. When they tell you to eat good quality carbs, they tell you why.  When they say to eat your carbs after a work out, they explain why you should do this.  They explain the physical breakdown of the molecules and fat which is so interesting! 

See you next week!!

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