Friday Freeletics Mystery Athlete - Week 10

5 more weeks to go!!! Way to go our mystery Freeletics athlete!!! You are making such great progress. Thank you so much for checking in with us every week. It's been amazing to watch your journey over these past few months. 
Keep up the great work and see you next week. To grab your Freeletics workout guide, click here.

Much love and friendship,

So you know how I said last week I was losing weight and people were starting to notice. This week I jumped on the scales for the first time since the start of this challenge. I know it isn't about the number etc but I know what weight is my healthy weight and can I tell you.. I am close to it! I have lost 5 kilos since starting this challenge, that is even with Christmas and new year's in the mix! If you don't think 5 kilos is much, I can tell you it is! The bikini shots don't do the 5kg's justice! Most of it is around my belly and hips which means I am kissing my muffin top for jeans etc goodbye. It is making it easier for me to run without those extra kilos because there isn't as much wobble!

Check this out! I had to buy a new skirt this week as my size 12 skirt is now too big! I'm now officially in size 10 clothing. Now that's what I call progress, don't you think?

I am feeling strong, fit and confident and I LOVE IT! It is amazing how much better you feel when you just spend some time on you. My mood is better, I am thinking clearer and I feel great. You have to try this freeletics. If you look back through my progress pics there are weeks where there is no change... but I think that this is just externally. I think that internally things were happening and starting to fire up. I think I need to book a tropical holiday at the end of this.

I highly recommend the Freeletics program especially for those that can't make it to the gym everyday. You can workout anywhere, anytime using your own body weight. Thanks again Dani for introducing me to this program. I love it!

See you next week!

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