Friday Fitness with our Mystery Freeletics Athlete - Week 8

Where are the weeks going? 8 weeks already? Really? We are just over the half way mark and I think our mystery Freeletics athlete is doing a mighty fabulous job. Someone made a comment that they didn't see much progress in her pictures, little did they read how she has changed her lifestyle around and living more healthier and making a conscious effort to incorporate regular exercise within her week supported by great food. That deserves a 10 outta 10 in my book! You go girl, I am so proud of you.

See you again next week!

Weekly journal update

Freeletics week 8

This week I feel I needed a big kick to keep me going.  I loved the exercises but I was feeling a little sluggish and felt like I needed to cleanse my insides!  So I added a 3 day juice cleanse to my program.  I must say the first day was ok, the second I could have eaten my arm off and the third has been great.  I thought I would lose my energy and wouldn’t be able to do my freeletics but I actually have just as much energy. Now that is over I feel great and I am looking forward to getting back to the eating guidelines from Freeletics.

I can see my hips shrinking in the pics and I love it. My motivation for next week is seeing my hips in these pictures.  You can see that the layer of fat on them is slowly shrinking. I will always have hips, I just want to get rid of the fat layer on them! I do want to tone my stomach more as I feel that those images are hard to see any changes.  I wonder if there has been so much stretching from 2 kids and lots of excess weight that I will never get it toned and smooth again. I am not stressing over that, but it would be nice!

Food Diary:

Chia pudding with a piece of fruit

Morning snack
Yogurt with fruit & nuts

Tuna salad 

Afternoon snack
Banana and tea

Grilled salmon with blueberry pear salad

Hard parts this week:

Adding the juice detox and just juicing for 3 days, that was HARD! I love my food so it was hard to not eat, especially when I am making yummy meals for my kids and husband! Freeletics workouts were great this week.

Love FMA (Freeletics Mystery Athlete) xx 

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