Friday fitness and good vibrations

I am so in love. Hang on it might not be love more like an infatuation. I am talking about my new wearable pressed hard up against me every second and minute of the day, 7 days a week.

I've always had one in the draw but never charged it, connected and thought I motivated myself enough to move my body everyday and I tried to do the right things at the best of times.... WRONG! This past week has taught me that I haven't been getting the 7-8 hours I need to function properly nor was I moving 10,000+ steps per day.

But all that has changed. Since wearing this bad boy AKA Jawbone UP3 I am loving the vibration, the alerts on my phone and just tapping it when I'm on the move or ready to hit the hay!

They have thought of everything from activity tracking - every step I make it's counting and then all I have to enter is extra workouts I am doing throughout my eg: pilates or swimming. It's waterproof, vibrates to prepare me to go to sleep, I can track my food and water intake and helps me keep a food journal, it has a smart coach that analyses my information to give me the personalized advice and insights I need to reach my fitness, sleep and overall health goals PLUS it gives me a snapshot of my heart health, measuring my resting heart rate.

I'm hooked! Have you got a wearable?

Most mornings I head out for my walk before everyone gets up or I do a morning quickie set of;

  • 1 minute plank
  • 10 lunges each side
  • 10 squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 minute plank

Otherwise I am parking so much further than where I am going so I can make up my steps. It's crazy! I have never done that before and I feel amazing, so much so I made these vibrations in the sand..... ha ha.

"Vibrate at the highest possible frequency."

What fitness vibes have you got planned this weekend?


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