Friday Fitness

How cool is it when you can go to a restaurant bar these days and order a coconut water and blueberry smoothie. Gone are the days of my old traditional high sugar fizzy drinks. Thank goodness I have turned a brand new fitness leaf! DS coconut


So many people ask me how I fit in fitness managing a household of 6 people. I typically try and do a morning Freeletics workout, a walk around our 6km lake and of course our challenge this month of 50 squats (every second day) before Adrian heads to work. In a perfect world this typically happens x3 per week.

This week I mixed it up a little with some interval running training up and down my street to get the blood pumping. Do this 10 times and I guarantee you will feel amazing! There's just something about exercise that when you get in the groove you don't want to stop as it releases endorphins and you start feeling so happy.


Here are 5 things that exercising does for me:

1. It energises me Running around the kids, I need all the energy I can get. Don't get me wrong there are days when I don't just bounce out of my bed and say YAY it's workout day, I just have trained myself to just go on autopilot. On most days...

2. It boosts my confidence Ever since I lost a combined weight of 100kgs after having 4 children, my body and confidence has sky rocketed. I feel stronger, more energised and my self esteem has increased. I am at a point in my life where I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

3. It fights insomnia My brain is always ticking with ideas and the things that await me "to do" the following day. When I exercise throughout the day, it's a complete relaxant for me, my head hits the pillow and I have such a good nights sleep.

4. Stress less I no longer sweat over the small stuff. When your heart rate is elevated it triggers a burst of hormonal changes. When you subject yourself to the stress of exercise enough, your body will eventually get better at handling the rest of life's stresses.

5. Releases happy vibes For those of you that know me personally, know that I am always full of energy and on happy pills. Exercise is my natural drug of happiness and I love it!

How about you? How has fitness changed the way you look and feel?


With love and health


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