Fresh fruit and vegetable exclusive 10% offer at Peach's Fruit Market

I have some fabulous news for my local readers here in Ballarat.

Mention Fitness Food And Style for your exclusive 10% discount off all your produce next time you go and shop at Peach's on Eastwood St! I am so overwhelmed and so thrilled that owner Vicki wanted to collaborate with me for this months STAND UP AND BE RAWESOME challenge.

Why is this so important to me? 

It will be so nice to know that Ballarat families have specifically gone to Peachs on Eastwood St, and are putting fresh fruit and vegetables on their dinner table!! It's all about encouraging their kids to eat more produce too!!!

My aim is to improve families awareness of healthy eating and help children feel confident about preparing vegetables and fruit. Our kids love prepping food, seeing it in the juicer or blender and then drinking it. Nothing is more powerful than watching your kids eat those vegetables that so many parents struggle to get their kids to eat. That is why I want to help in some way! 

It also helps when your kids can help you peel, grate and cut the vegetables rather than going through a drive through or relying on convenience foods. There are hardly ever any vegetables when you get take away foods and that is why I ran last months challenge, PUSH UP YOUR GREENS and followed this month on by eating fruit and vegetables RAW for our STAND UP AND BE RAWESOME challenge.

So please share the love and come "LIKE" their Facebook page; 
(drop them a message saying you have come from Fitness Food And Style) 

You can also visit them online (which is currently being refurbished) SO WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Juicing with kids is so much fun

Above is our weekly supply of fruit and vegetables which our kids washed, peeled (where necessary) and chopped to make their designer juices!! As you can see by the jar, they left me some to try! Gee thanks guys...

It was a bit tough today, Day 2 of our fully raw challenge which by the way, I am so grateful our kids are participating also (2nd level not fully raw). I just didn't realise how much food we all needed as we were pretty hungry after each meal which I didn't calculate properly, per person. That is why I got my hands on The Raw Food Diet Plan which saved me soooo much time. It is jam packed with a starter kit, meal planner, shopping list, recipes and much MUCH more! For $29 (that's only $1 per day over our 30 day challenge) it will be such a terrific resource for me now and any future raw challenges/detox's we want to do.

I will be posting weekly recipes courtesy of Peach's and sharing it on their Facebook page as well, so please make sure you come and "LIKE" their page and posts.

If you live in Ballarat (or know anyone that does) would you take up this offer and share it with your family and friends?

Xx Dani

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