Freeletics on a Friday with our Mystery Free Athlete

WOW! What a week, how did you survive Christmas? I know personally my belly is bloated and I really didn't make too many healthy choices but hey! today is a brand new day right?

Having said that lets not delay with our Freeletics Athlete, let's see how week 2 went for her including all the Christmas temptations....

Week 1 vs Week 2

How long are the workouts taking you? Are they difficult or are you getting stronger? 

I am loving the workouts this week and I am getting quicker. It's awesome to see the time of all your workouts and to see if you are beating it, it's good motivation and I get a kick out of beating my time. It may not be the fastest... but it's my time and my journey! 

I think I am getting stronger with the burpees because I can get lower to the ground when I jump my feet out. I am sure it will get harder but this week has helped me build my confidence that my body can actually do this!

What workouts did you do this week?

I did a lot of aphrodite workouts and burpee max ones. Check out the website for the details as you can sign up for that one for free.

What are you eating and how did you cope with all the Christmas festivity foods and drinks?

I love the freeletics nutrition guide as it gives you direction on how to eat well. I am incorporating protein into my meals based on the advice they give you. I have had a lot of salads because it is so hot! Christmas was hard but I gave myself 2 days to have drinks and treats. You have gotta live, but now I am back on track! 

Here's how simple my breakfast is, scrambled eggs with spinach and cherry tomatoes. Done in 5 minutes! Super tasty.

What's motivated you this week to exercise regularly and where have you been working out?

The motivation for me this week has been SUMMER!! It is hot and I am bearing more skin so I need to tone up. The benefit of it being so hot is that I have been doing my workouts outside! It is so nice, I have even done sone barefoot to feel the grass on my feet. So refreshing!

What was the hardest thing you found this week with exercise and nutrition?

The hardest thing this week has been temptation. So much yummy food, chocolates, wine. It has been soooo hard! That is why I gave myself 2 days off. I didn't want to feel guilty for eating the food but I also didn't want to ruin my excercise! So 2 days was my compromise and I feel better for it!


Thank you to our beautiful Freeletics athlete for sharing her journey with us this week. It takes a lot of guts and determination  to share this kind of transformation with the world every week. No pressure!!! ;-) Keep up the terrific work!

Week 1 vs Week 2 with Freeletics workout

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Much love and friendship,

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