Freeletics Friday with our mystery transformation athlete W1-W5

Week 5, only 10 more weeks to go. The pressure is on and yet our Freeletics mystery athlete is still checking in with us every week. 
She has decided to do a Dear Diary entry this week. Leave your comments below with words of encouragement as I seriously think she is amazing keeping up this fit lifestyle.
Until next week,
Freeletics Week 1 versus Week 5

"What do you see?  When I look at the pictures I see the same me, with slightly more defined abs and waist, however I don’t see the muscle that I feel in my legs or the six pack I feel under that stomach fat.  I know that weight loss can be a wait and slow progress but some weeks I feel like I see no progress, although I can feel it.  Do you guys feel like this when taking on a new challenge? When this happens I feel like I need to shake it up a little.  These past few weeks I have been training hard and eating reasonably well but I have been treating myself with wine at all these social occasions. So I think that this week in order to see a bigger change I am going to take the week of alcohol. All those extra calories in my glass of wine are all that I see when I look at my tummy in these pictures!  Wish me luck and I hope to show you the results next week!"

Hardest Part of the week?

Jackknifes are just killing me this week… they hurt and my tummy is feeling tighter for them but when I am actually doing them they are HARD.

Food vs Exercise?

Exercise this week… it has been extremely HOT this week…beyond my comfort level with no aircon so I have had to try workout at 10 at night which is when I am ready for bed!

Tip for the week

No carbs on non training days… makes sense… hard to do when it is so hot and I skipped a few training sessions!

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