Freeletics Friday - Mystery Transformation

Hello everyone.

I am very excited to share with you our very first Freeletics Mystery Transformation athlete. One of my readers has just commenced her first week of Freeletics. We will take you on a journey over the next 15 weeks (and yes I too will appear with my own Freeletics results) however this is all about you and how you too can change your lifestyle around and lead a healthier and fit life.

Let me introduce you to this amazing Mother of 2, ages 6 and 4. She has totally embraced the Freeletics program and would like to share that even ordinary people can make a change if they really set their mind to it. Remember that motto MIND over MATTER. If you truly want it, you are the only person that can make that change.

Here are some questions I asked our Mystery Freeletics athlete about how Week 1 went;

What's your overall thoughts on the Freeletics program and did you survive Week 1?

I can't tell you how many burpees I have done during week one of Freeletics...the hardest excercise ever... but at the same time the best excercise ever! Who said that getting results was meant to be easy?

The eating has been good, although it is hard seeming it is the silly season! The nutrition does not seem to be restrictive, just a few ideas and tips on what to incorporate at all meals.

All in all a good week! Next week may be harder... but I am looking forward to more burpees ;)

What is the biggest challenge you faced this week? How did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge this week was to actually do the max tests. It was very daunting the thought of performing 300 secs worth of burpees. I think that is what can stop people, how daunting some tasks may seem. I just thought to myself, just do it and in 300 secs you will know if it was that bad.... so I just did it.  It was hard but I felt great at the end of it, I didn't think I could do 300 secs of Burpees.

What made you decide it was time to make a change?

I recently went away on a holiday and didn't feel as comfortable in my skin as I should. I am a fit person but I am not toned and I don't eat as healthy as I could. I needed to do something about that. I want to look as good as I feel, in a sense that I feel fit but when I look in the mirror I get disgruntled that I don't look as fit as I feel. I want to feel good and see my strength.

Why did you choose Freeletics over the hundreds of other options?

I saw Dani talking about Freeletics on her website and I just loved the idea of being able to log into a website off my Ipad or phone and do my exercise. With working and 2 kids, I sometimes don't have time for me until 8:30 at night, with freeletics, I can just log on and do it anywhere in the house or on the road if I am away for work. I love the freedom it presents to me.

How long do the workouts take you and are they difficult?

It's hard work! The Freeletics session takes between 15-20mins and I try to beat my time each session. As I mentioned above, nothing good ever comes easy and I haven't been exercising for a while so I guess my body just needs to condition itself.

What are you eating?

Eggs for breakfast, meat and carbs for lunch, meat and vegetables for dinner! The nutrition guide is brilliant so many beautiful meals to choose from.

What motivates you to exercise regularly and where do you workout?

My motivation comes from the ease of just picking up my ipad and doing it wherever and whenever I can... at home before the kids get up, before kids go to bed or even with the kids outside.  It's so versatile there is no excuse. 

What equipment do you use for training and what do you love most about it?
I use my workout mat, take a drink bottle, iPad and a towel. The other equipment I use is just my body weight so there is no unnecessary fitness gadgets used to do this program. I love it! Especially connoting with other Freeletics athletes all across the world. Even my husband is thinking of doing the program, which will be great motivation for us both.
* * * 
Thank you so so much for your first weeks insight into Freeletics. I can't wait to see how you go next week!
So lets do this! For those that wish to join us at Freeletics please click here or see my Fitness tab here for my transformations thus far. You can also purchase your nutritional guide for those that need help with what foods to eat, I highly recommend it. Both myself and our mystery Freeletics athlete are doing the 15 week cardio based program. There are 3 programs to choose from. My brother and husband are doing both the strength and cardio based program and they too are keen to share their transformations over the coming weeks.

Are you in?

Please list any questions you may have below and I look forward to seeing you all in Freeletics land!!!

Much love and friendship,

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